Who Killed Sara Season 3

Who killed Sara: what can we expect from a potential 3rd season of the famous Netflix series? We tell you everything.

Who Killed Sara series might be back with an even more mysterious 3rd season! MCE TV informs you about the famous Mexican chain that hits the mark.

Who Killed Sara On Netflix

On March 24, 2021, Netflix readers found a brand-new show in the streaming website’s catalog. Who Killed Sara quickly became among the most viewed programs on the platform.

The first 10 episodes of the first season charmed Internet users. However, just what is she telling us?

As its name implies, the Mexican show plunges us into a mysterious murder case. 18 years earlier, young Sara was murdered in a parasailing accident while out with her band of friends.

Her then-boyfriend Rodolfo risks being accused of the murder of this young woman. The latter’s father, César Lazcano, then asks Sara’s brother, Alex, to denounce himself in his stead. He promises her really that he risks a mild sentence.

Alex believes him denounces himself for the murder of his sister. But the young man is going to be sentenced to 30 years! And Cesar Lazcano will do nothing to help him.

After spending 18 years behind bars, the young man is introduced for good behavior. Once his freedom is recovered, Alex has only 1 thing in mind: to find out who’s really behind the murder of his sister.

We’re then plunged to this investigation that seems interminable. Between keys and twists and turns, we don’t have enough time to become bored. Please be aware that the next paragraphs may contain some spoilers. You have been warned.

An Ending That Leaves Us Perplexed

The Mexican thriller drew over 55 million subscriber households in its first 4 months on the streaming stage. However, the end of the first season of Who Killed Sara has left most in awe of them.

Alex is therefore from jail, more upset than ever against Rodolfo’s family, his very best friend, along with his sister’s ex, Sara. Along with the young man is determined to discover the facts surrounding the murder of the sister.

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Alex is initially convinced that Rodolfo is the offender. He’ll then do everything to attempt and demonstrate his crime. Quite quickly, he understands the narrative is quite a bit more complicated than that.

After several confrontations with Rodolfo, Alex realizes that he is innocent. Rodolfo and his sister Élisa then begin to believe that their dad had something to do with it.

And there, evidence will eliminate all suspicion of this Mafioso. Then follows a real mystery! And the list of suspects has been radically reduced.

Since the revelations progressed, Alex came to think that his younger sister was not that innocent. Along with the discovery of his diary will instruct him that the young girl had suicidal tendencies. But above all that she had been involved in a murder!

Alex will then follow the directions of the newspaper in question. In the Season 1 finale, he discovers the skeleton of a stranger buried in his backyard. And everything suggests that Caesar has something to do with it.

But Then Who Killed Sara?

Season 1 of the series Who Killed Sara? Doesn’t advance us. Even if Mariana Lazcano, Rodolfo’s mum is the major suspect.

She discovers that Sara is pregnant with her husband. To keep the honor of her family, she will opt to get rid of the young lady.

However, the corpse located in Sara and Alex’s garden could be connected to the murder! Season 2 of Who Killed Sara? Should therefore better answer this question.

As Manolo Cardona, the interpreter of Alex Guzman had promised, season 2 is up to our expectations. The 8 new episodes of Who Killed Sara? Have therefore revealed that the mysterious secrets of the Lazcano family.

But we’re still learning more about the young woman too. Indeed, this one was schizophrenic and was accompanied by a psychiatrist.

The greatest revelation is that Sara was born from rape! Her mother has been mistreated by Abel, Marifer’s dad, who’s none other than Sara’s closest friend.

Before disappearing, Sara had therefore discovered the existence of her biological father. The latter, then secured in a psychiatric hospital, revealed everything!

The young woman will then help him to escape from the asylum. But ultimately she gets scared of this guy. And she was correct since he’ll attempt to kill her.

Caesar, who had a relationship with Sara, will therefore protect her. He kills Abel and buries him in the backyard.

A Disturbing End Of The Season

Season 2 of Who Killed Sarah? Has therefore kept its promises and answered most of our questions. Indeed, the identity of the offender has been shown!

It is thus about Marifer, Sara’s best friend. The young woman admitted to having cut the straps of the parachute, which caused her death. And we also learn that both young women are half-sisters.

In all this unbelievable story, it’s so Marifer who holds the reins. She is also behind the pseudonym of Diana the Huntress, who pretends to assist Alex in his analysis.

But what drove Marifer to kill the one who was her very best friend. Some flashbacks of this show us that both young women got.

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Jealousy maybe? Regardless, she knew that Sara was psychologically fragile. And followed. On a stroke of madness, she, so, desired to put an end to the days of her former friend.

The end of season 2 therefore seems to close the event of Sara’s murder. We now know who is the culprit and just about all on his mobile. But we still have the belief that the story is far from over.

Indeed, at the end of season 2 of Who Killed Sara? Let us think a sequel is still possible. But what can we anticipate from a Who Killed Sara Season 3?

An Upcoming Who Killed Sara Season 3

If season 2 seems to have finished the storyline of Sara’s murder, a final twist at the end of the season brings fresh questions! Particular details open the door to a potential season. With of course its share of twists and turns.

Marifer, who’s so Sara’s murderer, had mounted a snowball strategy against the Lazcano family. The young woman thought that the family was responsible for the death of her mother Cristina, who worked for them.

She, therefore, pushes her sister Clara to become a surrogate mother for Chema along with her husband. A method for her to put pressure on Mariana Lazcano.

But Marifer will immediately know that it is her father who was responsible for her mother’s death. She then discovers that Sara was her half-sister! The spell is bad on her, the young woman will also inadvertently kill her other sister, Clara.

In the assumptions of the Lazcano business, Marifer is going to be surprised by the fires. She is then left for dead. But the series doesn’t show his corpse. Is she dead?

She could therefore come back for a 3rd season. On the flip side, we find that Sara was participating in a key project of Dr. Alanis.

Is the latter responsible for Sara’s death? Can he have murdered him after his accident? After all, nothing is known of what happened following the young woman’s arrived at the hospital. Too many questions that deserve a response in a possible Who Killed Sara Season 3.

Who Killed Sara Season 3

Even More Mystery

In the end, if this season 2 has answered lots of our questions, it raises others! Indeed, the end of the series Who Killed Sara does not yet appear to have shown all its secrets.

Even if Marifer admits to having cut off the straps of the parachute, which caused the collapse of her Sara, the latter was still alive when she arrived at the hospital. Indeed, one admits his departure to Alex that long after.

Nicandro, a former friend of Rodolfo who dealt drugs with Sara, would he be involved? You should know that the latter paid Sara’s doctor to conceal the facts from Alex about his past.

It must be stated the young man seems to have great reasons to get rid of her. Sara had disclosed her drug trafficking to her parents.

If they’ve always managed to pull the Lazcano could end up behind bars in a potential season 3 Who Killed Sara? It must be stated that the family is responsible for a whole lot of the drama in the show, so it would be the time for them to cover!