Indian spinner Yuzvendra Chahal has married Dhanashree Verma on 22 December (Tuesday). Chahal himself shared the wedding photo from his official Twitter account and informed his fans. The Indian spin bowler is not interested in any identity today, although very few people will know about his wife Dhanashree Verma.

For those who are associated with social media, Dhanashree may be a well-known name, although it is a name for those who stay away from social media.

Who Is Dhanashree Verma?

Many people have been asking this question again and again, who is Dhanshree Verma? Actually, these Chahal brides are famous YouTuber. She often shares her dance videos on social media. Apart from this, she is also a famous choreographer and also runs a dance studio of her own. Due to Dhanashree’s great dance, she also has a good fan following on social media.

How Did The Love Story Of Both Begin?

It is said that pairs come from above. Chahal and Dhanashree’s profession is completely different, yet today both are husband and wife. In fact, during the Corona epidemic, when the whole world was closed at home, Chahal decided to join a dance class and joined an online Dhanashree class. During this period, the two slowly interacted and then became friends. After this, both of them did not know when their friendship turned into love.

Chahal and Dhanshree got engaged in the first week of August, after which the two also appeared together several times while Verma also came to Dubai to cheer Chahal in IPL.

Chahal-Dhan Shree Tied In Marriage

After the film story, Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanshree Verma got married secretly on 22 December in a private event. In fact, due to the restrictions of the Corona epidemic, not many people were involved in the marriage of both, although they have all congratulated the wedding through social media.