Could June 20 Actually be when Yellowstone season 4 comes out on Paramount Network? We are aware that some folks are convinced of this, and have been for some time now.

However, is there any truth to this rumor? Here is the thing: Not exactly. Regrettably, what we’re referring to here is a situation of assumptions versus fact.

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The reason a great deal of this June 20 debate started was that in earlier times this is when previous seasons of this series have premiered. Last season, for instance, the series kicked off on Father’s Day. Why not they do this again? We even thought for much of the season that this is something that could happen. However, we saw it as 100%.

Unfortunately, no premiere date has been actually declared as we reported lately, it’s improbable that a series is going to start in only over two weeks without much in the way of promotion. The Paramount Network just had a golden opportunity to announce a premiere date and ultimately, they decided not to do it. That suggests to us that we are going to be waiting a little bit longer than expected.

So is it fun to imagine that Kevin Costner and company are going to be back at the ranch in a couple of weeks? Sure, but it is just not the reality and until we hear differently, we must imagine we will be waiting just a little bit longer. Rest assured that when a start date is out there, we’ll be talking about every angle of its potential! This is only one of the biggest shows on cable, so you have to imagine that premiere-date information isn’t going to be altogether silent.

What Are You Most Hoping To See When It Comes To Yellowstone Season 4?

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