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We always discuss how technology evolves and what new tech is coming out this season. Yet no one mentions that hacker organizations have access to all top-notch updates and releases. The progress and development of the side of cybercrime business should not be underrated. The sad truth is that the commonly adopted cyber security methods like firewalls, SIEM and EDR are not enough to stay ahead of cybercriminals. More and more organizations turn their heads toward MDR services. However, if you can’t wrap your head around all those terms and abbreviations and need some guidance in navigating this cybersecurity jungle, you’re on the right track here.

MDR – modern cyber security magic-potion

Many of you know that Detection and Response (DR) technology started from antivirus and evolved into the EDR. Managed Detection and Response is an updated version of the EDR solution but with a kick. The software has more advanced features and capabilities. Managed DR is an innovative solution that combines cutting-edge tech and incorporates humans for risk analysis and threat detection.

Significance of MDR services in the modern reality

Any security solution as a stand-alone isn’t powerful enough to protect you from incoming threats and attacks. As hackers become more elaborative, we need to straighten the defense methods by using a complex approach. Managed DR is an essential service in any cyber security strategy as it constantly detects threats on multi-levels and has advanced threat management. MDR’s operational focus covers various systems components. Such an in-depth approach is essential for your in-house defense. In the end, investing in innovative, high-quality cyber solutions allows you to save your company’s reputation and helps avoid unnecessary expenses for compliance fines and damage control.

Benefits of MDR service that can optimize your cyber defense and keep you ahead of the upcoming risks:

1. Non-stop tracking and monitoring.

The first thing to mention is that MDR works 24/7, 365 days a year. A cost-effective solution allows you to overcome the always-existing problem of professional staff shortage with the non-stop monitoring and detection feature.

2. Protection from internal threats.

Not everyone understands that your network requires protection within the system. The basic-level security solutions detect incoming threats based on the malware database. Yet hackers come up with 101 ways to trick the first-layer defense and go through infecting your system. Luckily, MDR has embedded machine learning technology that can track any virus, threat, and minor attack that got through the first security layer. You can benefit from the elevated complex approach of MDR solution without head-hunting tech experts who can monitor your systems for false positives. MDRs’ advanced AI and threat hunters track unusual activities when you have a stress-free life running the business.

3. Ditch attacks with early threats detection.

There is no business or organization that can neglect cyber security. In the cybercrime world, hackers rarely coordinate attacks to hurt specific corporate. Most cyber attacks and breaches are automated and designed to aim for common vulnerabilities. It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or have your spot in the headquarters of big enterprises. Every organization with a network is on the radar for the next hit. Every day we hear about another company losing money and staining its reputation after a data breach and theft. Where is the way out from such drastic prospects? The MDR solution offers to detect attacks on the early threats. The threat hunters can predict and respond to the incoming major attacks before you know it. With MDR, you can access the top-notch ML and AI technology that scans evolving threats whenever and wherever they happen and creates a response for the relevant threats to your system.

4. Regular scan for vulnerabilities.

Even if the network and servers suffered an attack, the best thing after you leaked your wound is to learn from the experience. MDR uses AI and machine learning to scan the system and analyze the weak spots in your security system. After establishing the vulnerabilities, MDR can find a solution to improve and straighten the defense system.

5. Aid in possible damage investigation.

With EDR or a basic-level security solution, you get an alert about intruders in the system. Then in-house specialist manually performed an investigation to establish the significance of the threat, what possible damage it could cause, and how to respond. For many reasons, such a process is time-consuming and requires 24/7 staff support. While the time is ticking, your system malware will infect the system. While with the MDR solution, you have a technology doing the magic for you. The MDR alerting system will notify you after investigating the threat and propose the best-fitted response to the attack. That way threat-hunter reacts fast, not leaving a cyber threat a time to seep through and cause damage to your revenue and reputation.

6. Complex monitoring for multi-level attacks.

The advantage of MDR is the ability to track the threats cross-level. It’s a significant feature that is not common for basic-level defense solutions. A traditional managed security service focuses on the individual threat without taking all levels into the picture. Yet hacker attacks became more sophisticated, allowing small-scale threats to get through the firewall without containment and strike after some period. The MSS system would not see that coming to respond fast. Therefore you need the MDR that can scan the whole network for any potential danger. Monitoring on the multi-level allows MDR to predict elaborate attacks and mitigate the cyber threat.

7. Rapid breach containment.

The MDR takes a second to analyze the threat and provide the right way to contain incidents. From removing the user’s account and changing firewall configurations to process killing and applying IPS services. As you already know, such machine speed in decision-making is crucial for a cybersecurity system.

Wrapping up

If you don’t want to be the next victim of automated cyber attacks, you should update the MDR services to make your system less vulnerable. Using only first-layer security and MSS services makes you a sitting duck in the eyes of cyber criminals’ programs. Even if no system guarantees 100% security with modern malware or ransomware, the MDR has a higher chance of improving the cyber defense and shielding the systems.