Virgin River hit fan screens in 2019 with the first season and was later renewed by the Netflix streaming platform for a second season that premiered on November 27.

Although the platform has not made the official announcement, fans are sure that the third season of Virgin River is on the way, since apparently in the places where the romantic drama series is filmed, there are indications that the production is ongoing.

Also, Virgin River is an adaptation of the 21-part book series written by Robyn Carr, this being another indication that there are enough stories to tell on screen.

the third season of Virgin River began production in August of this year and should be wrapping up by the end of December, so it will probably be coming to Netflix in April 2021.

As fans know, Virgin River season 2 ended with dramatic suspense, when Mel found Jack injured and lying on the floor of his bar. Consequently, viewers want to know what will happen in the third season.

In this regard, Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney told TVLine that the suspense about who shot Jack could drag on for several seasons. Therefore, the probability that Season 3 reveals who was responsible is slim.

Virgin River season 3 will clarify for fans of the romantic drama what lies behind Doc’s mysterious diagnosis. According to the showrunner, the diagnosis will create problems for him at work and in his relationship with Hope.

Also, Virgin River’s third installment will develop a greater time jump between seasons 2 and 3, compared to the first two. Also, it will answer the question of whether Jack and Mel will start a relationship if he survives the gunshot wound.