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Have you been planning a trip to Israel? Do you want to travel with friends or family to see this middle eastern country? Then the best option is to rent a van, according to Carngo. A van makes it easier for you to tour the country at your pace. Make as many stops as you want to create lasting memories. Van rental Israel services could help you solve many issues and enjoy your trip.

Rental services in different countries vary. So how do you go about it in Israel? What are some of the things to look out for, and how do you get the best deal? What are some of the requirements to drive in Israel? Continue reading as we will help you understand the benefits of renting a van on your vacation to Israel.

How to rent a van

So you are going on a trip and have nothing planned yet! For example, you are going for spring break in Israel, and you need ideas on how to get around and what cities to visit. Another important question: what is the best way to go about renting a car? The best way is to rent a van, and here are a few simple steps you can follow:

1. Figure out what you need

Before renting a van, decide what you need. This is important as it affects the price. Do you want something that will accommodate 5-6 people or more? This helps you to select the right vehicle for your trip. The price also varies on the brand of the vehicle. Prices range from $7 to $70 per day. The Toyota Alto usually goes for $34 per day.

2. Plan for the pick-up and drop time 

The duration of the tour also affects the price. The longer the tour, the higher the price. Most companies charge on a 24-hour basis. This means that if you hire a van at 8 am, it should be returned by the same time the next day.

Any delays by even one hour mean you get charged for two days. So always make sure they understand this before renting a van on your tour in Israel.

3. Comply with the rules

Anyone planning to drive in Israel requires a driving license. If you are driving a van with less than 9 people, all that is required is a regular driving license with a driving experience of at least one year. Vehicles that carry more than 9 people require a driving license similar to what bus drivers have.

Another important thing to remember is that:

  • you should be at least 21 years old to drive;
  • anyone who is less than 25 years old has to pay an additional fee of $40;
  • the rule goes towards insurance for the vehicle, driver, and other passengers.

If there is another driver apart from you, then they should pay an additional fee of $8. This means you can switch places when driving. Make sure the other person also has a valid driver’s license.

Ideally, every driver’s license should be in Roman numerals. Anything else requires you to apply for an international driver’s license. Make sure all documents are in place to avoid any run-ins with the Israeli police on the road.

Benefits of a VAN

So why should you use a Van to see TelAviv? Here are some of the reasons.

1. Convenient

A minivan is simply convenient. Hiring one means you can go to remote areas where public transportation may not reach you. Also if using public transportation isn’t something you want to do a car hire is the next best thing.

Sometimes there may be too many places that you want to visit. It helps to have a car to move around while taking your time to savor the scenery. Making stops makes the journey more fun.

A minivan is also convenient because it can move through any terrain. Even if there is a thunderstorm or rocky terrain, a Van should get you to your destination. Vans have a big tank which means traveling for miles without any interruptions.

2. Spacious

Van is the best option because of the space. A trip is fun with more people. If you have six or more people to travel with, then a van will do. It can fit up to 9 people and still leave space for other items. Some vans are big enough to fit a dining table which you can use when camping during a stop.

You may even add a trailer for additional space. This can also serve as a place to rest when there is a thunderstorm.

3. Affordable

Vans go for different prices. There is always something that you can afford. Whether you want something more luxurious or just to get around, there’s a van for your trip available. All vehicles are in good shape and have unlimited mileage. So it is easy to travel on a budget for as long as you want.

4. Good condition

Vans are an advantage because they can go to the desert, mountains, and forests. With unlimited mileage, you can travel for a week endlessly. Also, most companies provide repair services no matter where you are. That way, your trip won’t be interrupted for long.

Final thoughts

Renting a car while in Israel is a great way of getting around. It gives you the freedom to travel and our places at your own pace. A can is ideal as you can fit in as many as 5 people. There are also special vans that carry up to 9 people. All you have to do is figure out the kind of vehicle you need. The best thing about rental companies is that you have a lot of options to choose from. 

Prices vary on the brand. The price is charged on a 24-hour basis from pick-up to drop-off time. Always make sure that all your traveling documents and driver’s license are with you. When you meet all the requirements, traveling through Israel with family and friends will be a memorable event.