Unsellable Houses season 2 is one of the fantastic reality web TV series. As well as, there were so many executive producers for this web TV series. Jim Berger, Scott Feeley, Glenna Stacer Sayles, Leslie Wilson, Adela Rohan, Katie Sullivan, Reese Van Allen, Candice Grubb, Caseu Bauer, Sarah Barlett, Tracy Wohlgenant, Hatley Moore, Samuel Baird, and Christopher Lloyd Robert Baker are the producers of this web TV series. As well as, High Noon Entertainment is the production company of this anime web TV series.

Moreover, Vincent Carosso, David Heacock, Rob Macey, and Andrew McDonald are the cinematographers of this web TV series. As well as, Kevin Mercier, Lara Underwood, Taylor Widmann, John LeSanche, Jon Ross, Chad Niedt, Taylor Wildman, and Liz Newton are the editors of this web TV series. Moreover, Victoria Chiaro Snyder, Alissa Rey, and Kristin Ungate are in production management. As well as, Jim Boardman, Chuck Kraft, and Eric Soma are in the sound department for this web TV series. So let us discuss the release date and latest updates about this web TV series.


The story of this series follows the pacific NW real estate. This story is filled with two twin sisters and they planned to sell the home. The two sisters put their own money to renovate the homes. They make their investment by making the home sell. So this story keeps more interesting and twists among the audience. Moreover, we may expect the same twist and interest in the upcoming season. so let us watch the better story for this web TV series.


There were many persons in this web TV series and they are Leslie Davis, Lyndsay Lamb, Jeff Lawrence, Dana Kopper, Katie Neff, Daniel Nickolaychuk, Joe Bonavita, Dallas Bagley, Michael Whelan, Alex Schmidt, Kathryn Michael, Jordan Wilson, Adrian Rassmussen, Leo Ramos, Nathan Horne, and Alex Doyon, etc. So let us watch these characters on On-Screen.

Release Date

The first season was released on 14, May 2019. Moreover, the second season will be released in the year 2021. So we may expect the second season in the future years.