Bruno Satin, the agent who brought Jean-Clair Todibo to FC Barcelona, harshly criticized the current Benfica player in Calciotoday where he gave the key, according to him, of the reasons why the footballer has not exploded as some imagined. We are happy with the work we did to bring him to Barcelona, ​​but now I no longer take care of his interests. He has a difficult character, he never listened to the advice that Abidal, the sports director of the Catalans, gave him.

The club believed in him, But Todibo already believed that he was a phenomenon. That is why his adventure in LaLiga did not go well. He has great qualities, but what he lacks is humility, he said about whoever was represented. Satin knows that Todibo is loved by several transalpine clubs.

A quiet club would be ideal for him. Maybe a little smaller than Lazio, which is a club that is too ambitious, with too much pressure. I don’t think it is the best for his career. He should start again, but at a club in which he can make some mistakes that lead him to improve. Even the greatest did. Being on the bench does him no good, he explained. His take-off will depend on the player himself.

It depends on him. He has great physical and athletic abilities, he has everything to do well. But it is his head that needs to improve. He has to find the right concentration. Some players are less talented than him and However, they have managed to emerge. He must want to learn a lot more and not feel like a freak. To date, he still hasn’t understood how it works and the people close to him don’t help him. I’m really sorry