Titans Season 3

Prathiksha Srinivasan is one of the screenwriters for the upcoming film Titans Season 3 promises that the show’s twists will be “I’m gonna f*** up you uppp”. Srinivasan’s previous writing credits include the hit CW series Zombie He was one of three new writers who joined the the Titans Writing team for 2020, Joshua Levy and her co-author of the recently released Hulu Film Plan B. Where are the first two seasons of Titans They were originally broadcast on DC Universe’s streaming platform. Season 3 was announced to be the first season that would air directly on HBO Max.

It was a departure from the more family-friendly approach to the CW Arrowverse. Titans first aired in 2018. It was celebrated for its more adult, gritty take on DC Comics. DC fans were shocked at the trailer’s first episode, which featured violent fight scenes and had Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne’s former protege saying “F*** Batman!” The writers knew exactly where they wanted the property to go from the beginning and would not compromise their vision.

It seems that one of the show’s newest writers is now adjusting to Titan’s desire to push boundaries to the breaking point. Srinivasan took to Twitter to share the Titans season 3 trailer. He promises a wild ride in the next season.

Titans Season 2 wrapped up the Deathstroke storyline with the death of the vengeful merchant and the formation of a new Titans team under Dick Grayson as Nightwing. However, the finale teased many intriguing threads for the next season. Srinivasan, along with her co-writers, have plenty of material to chew on. From Raven leaving for Themyscira in an attempt to resurrect Donna Troy to Starfire’s evil sister Blackfire, to Jason Todd being disenfranchised and Starfire’s arrival on Earth, Srinivasan has plenty to work with. New characters Barbara Gordon and Dr. Jonathan Crane are added to the mix. This season will be filled with delights, including the inclusion of the Batman villain Scarecrow.

Srinivasan promises viewers that they will “NEVER be able [to] predict the twists and turns.” They have the following in-store: Titans The season 3 August premiere can’t come soon enough. The teaser trailer already suggests Jason Todd’s transformation into Red Hood due to his treatment by the Joker and Titans trading San Francisco Gotham City is a crime-ridden city? Titans Season 3 promises to be more action-packed and full of intrigue.