Thor 4

Thor most famous superhero in marvel cinematic universe Created by Late Stan lee has entertained the marvel fans with three extraordinary movies and also in several MCU movies is now setting up to entertain once again with his next sequel THOR LOVE AND THUNDER

Will God of thunder be back?

As we all know that asgard got destroyed in Thor ragnarok and our might Thor built his new kingdom on earth and named it as New asgard.
But as we saw him in End game he lost his shape and solid personality even though he was still worthy, now we should see will he return back to his original form .

Will Jane return ?

Jane foster girlfriend of Thor disappeared from MCU after Thor the dark world , as the rumours she might return in this time as we all saw Natalie Portman who cast as Jane in first 2 parts of Thor series in the announcing event. Rumours are coming out we can see some Guardian of galaxy heroes this time.

Who will be the director , cast?

All the three parts of Thor are directed by three different directors namely Kenneth Branagh, Alan Tylor, Taika Waititi respectively, it is believed that Taika Waititi will be director once again, by this we can predict Thor love and thunder might be similar and colourful like Thor Ragnarok.
From the first part Chris Hemsworth was Thor and he proved that he is worthy to be worthy one,

When will Thor love and thunder release?

Yet marvel studios haven’t announced any official date of release , but news saying that initially it will release in America on 11 February 2020 , but might delay because of no official announcement and this pandemic might effect the date of release, and even black widow has got delayed this is also effect the release of Thor 4

Were will Thor 4 release?

As marvel announced many series in collaboration with Disney+ , several shows like Wanda vision are all set to release on Disney+ . But as per the news Thor 4 will release on cinemas only , this is a very good news for marvel fans .
Whatever are getting a huge gift soon as THOR LOVE AND THUNDER.