Things are very mixed up in Woman (Kadin). The Turkish series continues its broadcasts on Antena 3 and reaches its peak: the reunion between Sarp ( Caner Cindoruk ) and Bahar. The couple is reunited after being considered dead, something that, on the other hand, complicates the relationship of the protagonist with Arif ( Feyyaz Duman ). This love triangle is capable of congregating almost 2 million people every Monday and Tuesday, becoming one of the biggest phenomena on Turkish television.

That is why it is not surprising that its actors are becoming real stars in our country, as is the case with Caner Cindoruk, the protagonist’s husband. Known as the Turkish George Clooney , Cindoruk is a fictional hotshot from Turkey who has been falling in love with audiences in his native country for decades. Son of Zafer Doruk, an important Turkish writer, and nephew of Erdal Cindoruk, theater actor, his future in the artistic world was practically written when he was born on April 17, 1980 in Adana . In fact, he also writes, but his profession is undoubtedly that of an actor.

He was interested in acting from his college years and appeared in many plays during his time at university. He was so precocious in his career that his first role came in 1990, when he was 10 years old, with the miniseries Hanimin Çiftligi . He worked in his hometown theater company for a decade, where he played every possible suit, from making decorations or costumes to taking care of the lights and music.


But he decided that his future lay in Istanbul, the most important city in the country. Thus, little by little he became a regular in Turkish productions. In just a few years he participated in series such as Geç Gelen Bahar and Yaprak Dökümü , as well as films such as Beynelmilel . Come on what It didn’t take him too long to build his career and make himself known in Turkey.

In the sentimental field, Cindoruk is without a known partner at the moment after having given more than one tumble. He has been associated with several leading Turkish actresses. The first of these was Ebru Özkan , who is now enjoying the success of his latest work, the Hekimoglu series – House adaptation . After her came several more relationships, but none have been able to win the heart of the actor, who remains free.

Judging from his Instagram posts, he is a very familiar man. As proof, this photo in which his father appears cutting his hair. “I wanted it to be on my account. My father used to shave us when we were children. Years later, he has picked up the scissors. He could hardly hold a pencil .”

Despite the fact that he has no children, his Instagram account is full of images with children who – we suppose – will be his nephews. Cindoruk has two brothers who are also into acting, Münir Can and Taner Cindoruk . The pleasure of reading that their father instilled in them, in addition to the many backstage visits to their uncle’s plays, have made the three children of the family dedicate themselves to the same thing.