Netflix brought unexpected release and information to The Witcher

Exactly a year after the launch of the first season of The Witcher, Netflix brought a gift for fans: an unexpected release. And although it is something simple, at least, it can be considered a “treat” of the platform. That’s because fans didn’t win new episodes in 2020.

Starring Henry Cavill, The Witcher is an adaptation of the books that gave rise to the famous game franchise. Not least, it has become one of Netflix’s biggest productions. Therefore, any novelty related to the title becomes a great novelty.

Therefore, this Monday (21), Netflix launched the logo for the animation “ The Witcher Lenda do Lobo “. The title, therefore, will debut on the streaming giant in 2021. With that, fans will have enough new material to consume on Netflix from next year. After all, they will receive a new animated film as well as the second unpublished season.

Also, the logo was released from a video, published on the platform’s official page on Twitter.

Check it out below.

Likewise, the streaming platform brought a second gift to fans. This gift is a video, unpublished, showing the recording errors of the first season.

In the images, Henry Cavill appears smiling at the production errors. In another moment, from a key scene of the season, she says that she is feeling a “greasy pig”. Although someone from the production responded, “a sexy greasy pig”. Other actors’ mistakes are also shown. Check out the video below.

Accident in the recordings of the second season

Last week, the fans got scared. That’s because Deadline confirmed a Henry Cavill accident on the second season’s recordings. Although he left the sets walking, the actor suffered a serious leg injury that temporarily prevented him from walking. Cavill was rescued and is doing well.

At the time of the accident, moreover, it was raised at a height of six meters.

According to Deadline, Cavill would stay away from the recordings. In the meantime, scenes that he doesn’t appear in would continue to be filmed. Incidentally, this is the second serious accident that the actor suffers during the series. In the first season, Cavill almost went blind after an accident with Geralt de Rivia’s contact lenses.

Initially scheduled to end in February, the recordings should continue until March. As a result, it will be impossible to launch a second season before the last quarter of 2021.

Derived series

It is also worth remembering that Netflix is ​​producing a series derived from The Witcher. However, it will take place before the story shown by the original series. The series also gained a name, and will be called “The Witcher: Blood Origin”. That is, there are many plans for the franchise on the platform.

According to the synopsis, “Taking place in an Elven world – 1,200 years before the events of The Witcher, the Blood Origin derivative will tell a story lost in time. Furthermore, the events that led to the crucial conjunction of the spheres when the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged to become one ”.

What’s next?

Screenwriter Lauren S. Hissrich caused the introduction of new elements in the second season. I cluedo mentor Geralt (Cavill), Vesemir, which will be played by Kim Bodnia of Killing Eve. “Probably my favorite additions to the second season are the new witchers,” she said.

Also, another important detail is that some fans made complaints about the first season that caught the attention of the producers. And these problems will be eliminated. However, they will cause a drastic change to the series.

Many fans complained about the multiple timelines making the story narrative very confusing. So that way, it looks like it won’t be a problem in season two. According to Hissirich, all characters now exist in the same timeline in the narrative. So, there will be nothing to complain about when it comes to this problem.

At the end of the first season of The Witcher, Geralt had met Ciri and it was implied that the two would head to Kaer Morhen in the winter.

Such fact also happens in the series of books of Andrzej Sapkowski. Set reports seem to confirm this and suggest that the second season will adapt the events of Blood of Elves, in which Ciri is trained by Geralt and other monster hunters from the old fortress.