The Walking Dead Season 11

The latest trailer The Walking Dead Season 11 seems to hint at the death of Lauren Cohan and Maggie. AMC’s zombie series has been ending its eleventh season. This is already known. This alone means that the show’s most loved characters will be in for some heart-wrenching moments.

Cohan’s Maggie Rhee is the most popular Walking Dead character. Cohan has been with the show since season 2. She was also involved in a relationship that Glenn (Steven Yeun) had with her husband, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). At the time Glenn was pregnant, she witnessed Negan’s death. Fans felt a loss when Cohan left the show at the end of season 9. Her character, Herschel, left with her son to start a new life. The TWD fans were delighted to see Maggie back in season 10. She brought with her new villains in The Reapers and a tension-filled storyline between Maggie and Negan.

The Walking Dead Season 11

Maggie is expected to be at the heart of The Walking Dead’s action when season 11 airs later in August. One trailer already showed her wearing a Whisperers mask, which certainly does not bode well. The latest trailer seems to tease Maggie’s impending death. Although the new clip contains very little footage, it ends with Maggie hanging by her fingertips in a precarious position until her hand gives out. See the clip in the space below:

YouTube video

Although the clip does not depict Maggie falling to her death, it teases that this could happen. Maggie may fall to her death in the next clip after her fingers give way. This could be because someone grabs her arm and prevents her from falling. This could be a classic TWD bait and switch, reminiscent of Glenn’s escape with the help of a magical dumpster (and questionable editing). Maggie might die, considering this is the last season of The Walking DeadUnlike Carol and Daryl, Maggie does not seem to be in the plans for The Walking Dead universe beyond season 11. It’s unclear if Maggie will appear in the Rick Grimes movie trilogy.

Fans will be shocked if Maggie dies in season 11 early. It is mind-blowing “Twist that was recently Norman Reedus teases). Fans might be even more upset if Maggie died without taking revenge on Negan. It appears that Maggie and Negan will reach some uneasy peace in the first season of season 11. However, this doesn’t mean that peace is permanent. Negan could be responsible for Maggie’s suicide. Given everything that has happened in the past, that would be the most heartbreaking twist. The Walking Dead Season 11 will be available on AMC+ starting August 15, 2021, and AMC itself starting August 22, 2019.