The Walking Dead Season 11

The Walking Dead’s final season will be released next month. There will be 24 episodes, instead of the 16 that are currently available. “Here is Negan” was the perfect way for the show to end its six extra episodes that were filmed during Season 10. After taking a swing at Negan’s origin story at the end of The Walking Dead Season 10, Jeffrey Dean Morgan understands that fans still despise his TWD character, the ex-villain-turned-anti-hero.

Jeffrey confessed to it during the Season 11 panel of The Walking Dead. Virtual San Diego Comic-Con “I don’t know whether [Here’s Negan] can ever sway those who hate Negan. I believe they will always hate Negan. However, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), a widow who has moved to Alexandria following an undercover Negan help Alpha (Samantha Morton), seems to be the biggest Negan hater. Maggie must again lead a group that accepts Negan as a member, as she fights for Hershel’s future (Kien Mike Spiller).

The Walking Dead Season 11

“I think there are an evolution of Negan. Morgan said that although I doubt that Negan will ever vanish, Morgan said that he believes it will be a part and parcel of who he will be forever. But I think he’s trying his best to be a part of this group. He seemed to be doing fine until Maggie returned. It’s now a new game for him and one he is trying to master. But at a certain point, there’s just too many tension between them. Let’s see what happens.”

The final season of The Walking Dead premieres in August 2021.

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