In the process of restructuring Feria Valencia, relations with the Ministry of Finance are tenser than ever. The last reason for friction has to do with the expenses derived from the maintenance of the sanitary material warehouse that the Consell decided to locate in the fairgrounds in the absence of activity in the last year due to the pandemic.

A stoppage, by the way, is causing significant liquidity problems for Feria Valencia, which, however, until this Tuesday “had no record” of the payment of said expenses to which the Treasury agreed by agreement. Now, after advancing this newspaper the confrontation between both institutions on this issue, the Treasury’s compensation letter for the 49,000 euros for the adequacy of the warehouse arrived on Tuesday night when the agreement between the Treasury and the Fair was signed with effect since September 2020 and contemplated a fixed payment for this amount (plus 6,000 euros per month). Specifically, and as this newspaper has learned, the notification of the Treasury for that compensation has therefore not occurred until this week. Even so, the Hacienda’s response to Feria Valencia is resounding: absolutely nothing is owed to it. Furthermore, sources from the Vicent Soler Department insist that this compensation of 49,000 euros materialized in December.

And all this after injecting into Feria in November an advance of one million euros for the bills that would be paid, including those of the sanitary warehouse. This is what, according to the Treasury, confirms that the Generalitat does not have any pending payment commitment with the fair institution. From this first million euros entered at the Fair, the different concepts must be discounted. The Ministry of Finance wields a final resolution, signed on February 11, which declares the credits recognized by the Generalitat to Feria Valencia for the amount of 405,621 euros to be extinguished.

They include from the payments for the rental of the space for the celebration of exams of the Qualifying Board of Coneixements Of Valencia to the direct subsidy of Economy and the payment for the agreement of the logistics warehouse.