The Politician Season 3

Rib tickling political drama The Politician released a very successful season 2 of the show on Netflix which premiered on 19th June, 2020. The political satire, written by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, provided a very entertaining story of a young man wanting to come into political power from a very young age. Now the audience anxiously wants to know that when Season 2 of The Politician will hit the screen? Keep reading to know more.

Politician Season 3 Cast

  • Ben Platt as Payton Hobart,
  • Zoey Deutch as Infinity Jackson
  • Lucy Boynton as Astrid Sloan
  • Bob Balaban as Keaton Hobart
  • David Corenswet as River Barkley
  • Julia Schlaepfer as Alice Charles
  • Judith Light as Dede Standish

What is The Politician all about?

The story revolves around a young man named Payton Hobart. He is very ambitious since childhood and dreams of becoming the president of the United States of America from age seven.

In season one, Payton runs for student body president at the saint Sebastian high school in California against River Barkley. He chooses a cancer patient named Infinity Jackson to become his vice-president under the influence of his friends. What follows is a turbine of crazy incidents that the boys find them self in order to compete. From talking about gender equality to using life threatening antics, they try all tactics to succeed in the presidential race.

Season two saw a level up for Payton Hobart as now he is trying his hands in real politics. Payton has now entered New York University and has placed all his focus on the New York State Senate seat and looks forward at throwing down long time incumbent leader Dede Standish. Payton takes the help of his friends again and starts talking about Green Politics which helps polarize a lot of youth in his support. Again, a lot of crazy political antis and sexual seductions are used to bring things in each other’s favour. Young Payton definitely possesses a threat to Dede Standish and she is ready to do anything to regain her position.

There are speculations that season three will be one more step higher for Payton as now he will run for his dream ambition, to become the president of the United States of America.

The Politician Season 3 Release date

The news is that makers of the show are not very keen on releasing season 3 very soon. Ryan Murphy the co creator of the show stated that, “I think where Season two ends, what I would love to do is take a couple of years off and have Ben Platt get a little bit older for his final race” and he also confirmed that season 3 will be the last season of the show.