The Last Cowboy is a TV arrangement that debuted on Paramount Network. The simple performance shows proficient prevailing as a noticeable and severe game.

In this anecdotal show, the western game has been featured where the ponies stumble into the forceful track with groups. The arrangement brings us into the lives of eight expert cattle rustlers during their planning period, paving the way to the opposition called “The run for a Million.”

After the arrival of the arrangement, it was adored by the fans, and subsequently, they requested another season. This is what we need to think about the impending season.

Release Date

As of now, nothing can be cited about the release date of The Last Cowboys Season 2. This is because there has no authority articulation as of recently. Nonetheless, the hang tight for the equivalent could be a long one due to the world’s continuous pandemic.

The production teams are to blame for an uncertain period. So there might be odds of the subsequent season broadcasting in 2021.


The story rotates around eight-horse riders who are experts. They present to control their ponies to run and contend with tracks brimming with hindrances and twists, and the sky is the limit from there.

Eventually, they arise as the champs and win a stunning cost of $1 million. The show was broadcasted in the year 2019 and left an imprint according to its supporters.

The story reveals how these riders carry on with their lives, deal with their ponies, the issues they face, and in the long run, become champions.


The lead cast of the show incorporates:

  • Andrea Fappani
  • Casey Deary
  • Shawn Florida
  • Jordan Larson
  • Franco Bertolani
  • Jason Vanlandingham
  • Craig Schemrsal
  • Tom McCutcheon
  • Duane Latimer

Alongside them, the remarkable case riders were Abbey Lengel, Matt Mills, and Cade McCutcheon.