The Irregulars Season 2

The Irregulars season 2 won’t be happening on Netflix. As we mentioned on May 5, the streaming giant has canceled its own Sherlock Holmes spin-off series following a solitary time.

That will come as a big surprise and disappointment to fans of the TV show, who’d helped The Irregulars to reach the number one place in the US and UK top 10 most popular lists as it premiered on March 26.

The dream horror crime drama had obtained combined to fairly good reviews from critics and some fans, should you choose review aggregation websites like Rotten Tomatoes into account, but that will not be a comfort to The Irregulars’ fanbase.

Despite this less-than-positive news, we are retaining our heartbeat for Your Irregulars season 2 for a little while yet. If you are interested in studying our speculative thoughts on when we may have seen season 2 arrive, what plot points needed to be solved, which cast members were returning, and more, you can check them out below.

The Irregulars Season 2 Release Date

Though Netflix hasn’t made any official statement about the renewal of this Irregulars, the series was listed in an issue of Generation Weekly, a magazine that announces which movies and shows have been slated to enter production.

The magazine recorded season 2 to begin filming in Liverpool in the summer. Nonetheless, there’s no confirmation about the release date since Netflix is yet to make a statement regarding the renewal of this show.

The Irregulars Season 2

The Irregulars season 2 cast: who will be returning?

At this time, there is no confirmation on what the season 2 cast will be. But, it’s almost certain that the main characters from season 1 will return. Well, those that we know are still living at the end of the finale anyway.

Here’s who we expect to return, and we’ll incorporate any new casting statements to the list below as and when they’re made:

  • Thaddea Graham (Bea)
  • Darci Shaw (Jessie)
  • Jojo Macari (Billy)
  • McKell David (Spike)
  • Harrison Osterfield (Leopold)
  • Royce Pierreson (John Watson)

As we mentioned earlier, it is unclear if Henry Lloyd-Hughes is going to return as Sherlock. Other potential returnees are also Jonjo O’Neill as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, Nell Hudson and Leo’s older sister Louise, and Lisa Dwyer Hogg as Sister Anna.

With other supporting cast members being murdered in season 1, for example, Clarke Peters’ antagonistic Linen Man, there are bound to be new characters joining the cast for season two, if it moves ahead.

1 person who could look is your Linen Man’s son. the season 1 finale made cites to the series’s antagonist with a son. According to the series’ villain, his offspring is an Ipsissimus, also, exactly like the Linen Man and Jessie. The Linen Man desired Jessie along with his son to procreate and have children of their own, which would continue the Ipsissimus lineage and their dominion over the world.

It’s uncertain if the Linen Man’s kid will be season 2’s large bad, but it could be some form of continuity between the two seasons if he had been. The Irregulars will require a new significant villain to confront, especially one who will go toe-to-toe with Jessie. For now, however, there are no concrete details about new cast members, antagonists, or otherwise.

The Irregulars Season 2: What to Expect

There are certainly some new ideas for the second season. We can expect to know more about Leopold and the Royal Family, what happens to Sherlock, and also more details about the group and their love stories.