The Irregulars season 2 won’t be happening on Netflix. As we mentioned on May 5, the streaming giant has canceled its Sherlock Holmes spin-off series following a solitary time.

That will come as a big surprise and disappointment to fans of the TV show, who had aided The Irregulars to hit the number one spot in the US and UK top 10 most well-known lists when it premiered on March 26.

The dream horror crime drama had received mixed to fairly good reviews from critics and some fans, should you take review aggregation sites like Rotten Tomatoes into account, but that will not be a comfort to The Irregulars’ fanbase.

Despite that less-than-positive news, we are keeping our heartbeat for The Irregulars season 2 for a while yet. If you are interested in studying our speculative thoughts on when we may have seen season 2 arrive, what plot factors needed to be solved, which cast members were coming, and much more, it is possible to check them out below.

Has The Irregulars been canceled by Netflix?

Only days after Netflix canceled its first show of 2021 using the cancellation of The Duchess, Netflix has determined not to move ahead with the second period of its breakout Sherlock Holmes-adjacent drama.

The Irregulars was canceled following one season with Netflix opting to not further the stories of the Baker Street Irregulars.

The Irregulars season 2

Is The Irregulars season 2 happening?

Since Netflix has canceled The Irregulars, it’s exceedingly unlikely The Irregulars season 2 will occur. While Netflix has become famous for saving displays, the same can not be stated for the background of Netflix Originals discovering new life on another network.

The only show that comes to mind as having been saved after its Netflix cancelation was humor One Day Time that moved to Pop TV for a single season after it was canceled by Netflix after its third season.

While we can’t rule anything out, the chances are stacked against the series and it seems highly improbable The Irregulars season 2 will happen unless Netflix alters its decision — that we don’t expect.

Why was The Irregulars canceled?

At this moment, it’s uncertain why The Irregulars was canceled as no motive was given while the information was announced.

Considering the show was said to get bested Disney Plus’ breakout original The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in the streaming wars and ranked strongly at the Top 10, indicating the show was well-received among audiences. There also was more than enough source material to encourage additional seasons, making Netflix’s decision very puzzling.