The Irregulars Season 2

The Irregulars season 1 is a fun and refreshing look at the world of Sherlock Holmes. Is The Irregulars season 2 happening? It is worth considering what we know so far.

There are some things to say regarding the future of the show. Right now, there are reports that The Irregulars season 2 is happening. Netflix hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumours. The rumours came forward of the first season’s release and were from a respectable source.

It certainly offered a tiny relief going into the first season. Unlike with different shows, it felt like we can get spent with the characters without worrying about possible cliffhangers in the end.

So, what do we know about The Irregulars season 2 so far? Let’s take a look.

The Irregulars Season 2 Release Date

While we know second season is more than likely happening, we do not know when it’ll be released just yet. Netflix has a habit of taking 14 months in least to bring a new season.

This pattern has changed considerably due to the pandemic. Filming is taking more and sometimes unexpected shutdowns happen due to favourable cases onset. Thus, it’s getting much harder to state when The Irregulars season 2 will happen.

We’re probably looking at May 2022 at the earliest, though.

The Irregulars Season 2 Cast

There are no reason to believe that the primary cast will not return for the next season. That means we ought to see the following return:

  • McKell David as Spike
  • Thaddea Graham as Bea
  • Jojo Macari as Billy
  • Harrison Osterfield as Leopold
  • Darci Shaw as Jessie

There are still a lot of questions regarding these characters and also we need some sort of answers during another season.

The big question is if Henry Lloyd-Hughes and Eileen O’Higgins can reunite as Sherlock Holmes and Alice. Both went to the”Rip” in the conclusion of their first season, but is there a possibility that they can return?

We’ll also probably see Sophie Robertson reunite as Helena. Leo made a sacrifice to protect Billy by beginning a courtship with Helena. It brought an end to the Leo-Bea dating for the time being, but only for how long?

The Irregulars Season 2 Trailer

There aren’t a trailer out just yet. That’s not surprising considering (if the rumours are true) pre-production work will have only just started.

A trailer will come about a month before the release date. We will be sure to update this post with the trailer when it’s out.

The Irregulars Season 2 Synopsis

There are no saying what the exact synopsis will be just yet. However, we could work out a few possible storylines.

There are likely to be to come from the Leo-Bea-Helena love triangle that has been created. We will also need to concentrate on the Sherlock-Alice storyline, which will likely observe the group look for hints that the two are not gone permanently.

Jessie had the fantastic storyline of developing forces from Alice (why didn’t Bea?) And she was a much stronger character by the end of the season. Hopefully, there are more to come from that.