Three months is what it took Anuel AA, the self-styled ‘God’ of Latin trap, to respond to Bad Bunny, considered the King of the same musical genre and his greatest rival on stages and platforms.

The Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap singer, author of such famous songs as La occasion La Bebe or China did not want to be less than his compatriot and sometimes friend, so he has also bought a Bugatti.

Anuel AA buys A Bugatti Veyron

If Bad Bunny announced at the end of October that he had become the owner of a Bugatti Chiron Sport ‘110 Ans Bugatti’, a special and very limited edition of the Chiron (there are only 20 units in the world), Anuel AA has proclaimed in his social networks that you have just acquired a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse valued at more than two million dollars.

It is a convertible version of the Veyron Super Sport, which is why it is considered one of the fastest ‘roadsters’ in the world, reaching 410 km / h thanks to its impressive eight-liter W16 engine with 1,200 HP of power and a maximum torque of 1,500 Nm.

The most curious thing is that Anuel AA, the artistic name of Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, has chosen white for his new and very expensive supercar, precisely the same color was chosen by Bad Bunny for his exclusive Chiron Sport 110 Ans Bugatti.

The well-known musical rivalry of the two Puerto Rican singers has also been transferred to the four-wheel arena. In fact, Anuel AA was taken as a provocation the outrageous decision of Bad Bunny to buy a Bugatti a personal obsession of Emmanuel years.

While the ‘Bad Rabbit’ has publicly acknowledged that he does not like cars and bought the Bugatti Chiron only to appear at the 2020 Latin Grammy gala, for Anuel AA it means fulfilling an old promise that was made five years ago. Unlike his musical ‘colleague’, the ‘God’ of trap is passionate about luxury cars and already in 2016, he promised to buy a Bugatti through the lyrics of one of his songs, Liberace. He even set a date to make his dream come true: And if they don’t kill me in 5 years, I’m going to buy a Bugatti.

The deadline was fulfilled this year that has just begun, so Bad Bunny went ahead a few months to be the first person to take a Bugatti to Puerto Rico. “2016. Me: And if they don’t kill me in five years, I’m going to buy a Bugatti. 2021.

Me: What happened, you bastard? , Anuel AA wrote on his Instagram account the same day he announced the acquisition of your Bugatti Veyron. The Puerto Rican artist has fulfilled his dream as a teenager with 28 years of age, two more than his compatriot and artistic rival. The well-known luxury car brand is an inspiration to both artists and appears in the lyrics of some of their most famous songs.

Although Emmanuel was the first in 2016, the ‘Bad Rabbit’ also did it two years later in the remix version of Te Bote, recorded in collaboration with Nicky Jam and Ozuna at the beginning of 2018. Ours was in a Bugatti and you stayed on foot, says one of the phrases of the musical theme, and that has already become almost a modern saying about relationships.

Bad Bunny was inspired again by Bugatti two years later for the lyrics of ‘120’, one of the singles from his latest solo studio album, ‘The Last World Tour’, released on November 27. “Bad Bunny on a track is a Bugatti on a track.

A way of comparing his characteristic and unique dance style with the power of a French supercar. The last appearance of Anuel AA with his Bugatti Veyron is only two days ago. “Daddy, when they see two Lamborghini or a Bugatti set on fire down the avenue they know that ‘God’ is in the street.

The singer warned his 24 million followers on Instagram. In the video published on his Instagram account, a fragment of Los Dioses sounds, another of his songs in which the great obsession of his life appears.  Don’t call me I’m in the Bugatti / Toas my p is Perris like Katy / Make a mistake and we will charge you the penalty / In my gift combo you cut free / In the Bugatti or the Lambo / We go ‘toa’ las license plate, always on film, you don’t see us

The Lamborghini of Anuel AAI

n the video uploaded to Instagram, the Bugatti Veyron appears flanked by a Lamborghini Urus and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, which are also owned by Anuel AA. Both vehicles are painted with images of what appears to be the singer’s favorite cartoon series: ‘Dragon Ball Z’. Let’s hope it doesn’t do the same with the gorgeous Bugatti Veyron.

For now, the singer has already customized his latest acquisition with the phrase ‘Real hasta la Muerte’, an expression that appears in all his social networks and that has become his philosophy of life. Real until death is a lifestyle, the way I grew up, the loyalty I learned not to betray any brother of mine.

The word is the most that is worth in this world, he has commented on occasion. The singer tends to show off his expensive vehicles on social media. Less than a year ago, he showed on Instagram the curious way to exercise using his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ as if it were a gym machine. Anuel AA used the upward-opening doors of the ‘Lambo’ to exercise shoulders and biceps, the rear wing to stretch the legs and the roof to do sit-ups.

What Anuel AA, who has been in a relationship with Colombian singer Karol G for years, has not done is to confirm if he will one day take his Bugatti Veyron to Puerto Rico, as Bad Bunny did as soon as he acquired his Chiron Sport.

Anuel AA, who shares a house with Karol G in Miami, bought the expensive sports car through Wires Only, a Florida dealership that works with celebrities and very exclusive clients. So Puerto Ricans will have to wait to see Anuel AA burning wheels on the Caribbean island.