The Circle Season 2: when will be the Release date of season 2?
The Circle Season 2: when will be the Release date of season 2?

Produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group, The Circle is an American reality competition series. It has been adapted from the United Kingdom version that airs on Channel 4. The series is often compared to the Big Brother and Catfish in format. It has also been compared with the Nosedive episode of the Black Mirror series. Around social media, the game bills itself out with the tagline “anyone can be anyone in The Circle.”

What is The Circle?

The series first made its debut on 1st January 2020 and was hosted by Michelle Buteau. ‘The Circle’ is the name of the computer program through which the isolated and separated contestants communicate with each other. They may portray absolutely different identities to others which can be a trick to win. A group of contestants is asked to vote fellow contestants. The top vote-getters becomes the ‘Influencers’ of the Circle. This gives them the power to ‘block’ and eliminate one contestant from the circle.

Who won the first season?

The first season was won by Joey Sasso along with prize money of US$1000,000. The runner up was Shubham Goel. The Fan Favorite award was won by Sammie Cimarelli along with prize money of US$10,000.

When will we get to see the second season?

In the earlier months of 2020, fans were obsessed with this reality series. With the end of the first season, the fans were curious to know if there would be further seasons to the show. The first season being a massive hit, it was obvious that this show would be renewed soon.

On 24th March, 2020, Netflix renewed the series for the second and third seasons. There has been no official announcement regarding when the upcoming season would premiere on Netflix. However, we have come to know that the tentative production dates were in late October or early November 2020. So, we can expect the show in the initial part of 2021.

Who can participate in this reality series?

Soon after the renewal was announced, the show posted a 30-second video on the official Twitter account. It announced the start of the casting for the upcoming season. The video provided a link to, which would allow willing contestants to sign up for the United Kingdom and the United States versions of the show.