The Boys Season 3

When will The Boys Season 3 be streaming on Amazon Prime? We have all of the information about the release, the cast, as well as the comic template, as well as the trailer!

Refreshingly damn, vulgar, and beautifully ridiculous – that’s the motto of this popular show” The Boys”. The superhero satire has been extended for season 3 by streaming support Amazon Prime Video. By Karl Urban into Erin Moriarty, all the stars reunite in The Boys Season 3!

Release Date

An official start date for The Boys Season 3 hasn’t yet been set. Fans are hoping for a start in late 2021, but filming has just been in full swing, so a beginning in spring 2022 appears more likely.


The conclusion of last season left a few questions unanswered. Who is the mystical Victoria Neuman and what is her plan? How can Homelander behave now that he’s cornered? But a new chapter dawns for the boys too, as Billy now heads a task force.

The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3: That is exactly what the comics about season 3 inform us!

Since the series doesn’t always stick close to the comics, it’s quite difficult to say how The Boys Season 3 will last. However, the closing gave us a few clues which we may build on.

The Boys: Time Jump To The Year 2024 In Season 3

Much is not known about the storyline of The Boys Season 3. Photos from the place, however, predict a leap in time to the year 2024. We see US Senator Ted Cruz running for president in this future. Starlight also seems to be hosting a game show.

Ted Cruz’s election posters might be a slight swipe in the US Senator’s guilty war with executive producer Seth Rogen on social networking. We are also allowed to have a look at the poster for the publication”Deeper” by “The Deep”.

The book is about the memoirs of the superhero The Deep, that explain how he escaped the Church of the Collective. The Deep flees once and for all from the sect he joined in season 2 and then tries his hand at writing.

The Boys: Comic Plot “Herogasm” Is Picked Up!

Showrunner Eric Kripke declared via social websites that incident 6 of The Boys Season 3 will be about the comic book”Herogasm”. In this storyline, the superheroes of the world traveling to an island under the guise of averting an alien invasion in distance.

There they hold a massive sex orgy that’s crushed from the boys. Throughout the orgy, there are an intimate moment between Homelander and Soldier Boy, which looks in season 3 and is depicted by Jensen Ackles. There’s also a millipede-style oral sexual train.

The Boys: Season 3 Characters And Cast

On a selfie with Karl Urban and Jack Quaid in the”The Boys” set, Ackles could be seen with a bushy beard.

In addition to Ackles, Katia Winter (“Sleepy Hollow”) joins the cast as Small Nina, while Aya Cash will no more return as Stormfront. From the”The Boys” comics, Little Nina is the boss of the Russian mafia. She works with the evil Vought company and gets supplied with Compound-V, with the heads of her test subjects frequently exploding!

If you want to get surprised by Small Nina’s possible”The Boys” death, do not read any further today: Small Nina also has a preference for sex toys and especially vibrators. “The Boys” pioneer Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) therefore installs a bomb at Little Nina’s vibrator, and it explodes if the pleasure toy is used.