The Bold Type Season 5

The show first came from 2017 and it follows colleagues and best friends Jane Sloan, Kat Edison, and Sutton Brady-Hunter and explores relationships and friendships while working together in a literary women’s magazine.

The Bold Type is officially returning season 5 and piling on to great news it is happening soon.

When Will The Bold Type Season 5 Be Released?

On 9th April, news claimed that season 5 will soon be arriving on Freeform on 26th May and also for Hulu users on 27th May. Regrettably, they have no rights in the united kingdom and there’s not any new news about it dropping Netflix, but believing positively it could be released in the united kingdom soon.

Although, there are some terrible news that states that Season 5 will be the last we see of these best friends as the show is now reaching its ending. The fifth and last installment will just have six episodes, unlike the previous seasons that had over 10 episodes.

What Is The Cast For Bold Type Season 5?

The Bold Type Season 5

The most important trio and besties naming Katie Stevens (Jane), Aisha Dee (Kat), and Meghann Fahy (Sutton) will soon be returning for Season 5.

From the cast’s first table reading of season 5 we could see:

  • Stephen Conrad Moore could be playing as Oliver Grayson
  • Melora Hardin playing the role of Jacqueline Carlyle
  • Matt Ward as Alex Crawford
  • Nikohl Boosheri could be playing the role of Adena El-Amin

As of now, there has been no official confirmation that Sam Page will soon be coming back to play with businessman and Sutton’s husband Richard or even Adam Capriolo as Jacqueline’s who plays the part of helper Andrew.

What’s The Plot In Season 5?

Season 4 had some unanswered questions, after Richard left Sutton shortly after their wedding, after the confrontation of these having kids. Wendy Straker Hauser the showrunner stated: that she feels that Richard and Sutton have to explore much and need to dodge the roadblocks before them.

So, will Richard and Sutton reconcile? Will Jane go on to develop into the magazine editor-in-chief? Will Kat implement to succeed with her speech?

How Can I Watch Seasons 1-4?

You can stream the first four seasons of The Bold Type on Netflix now.