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Cryptocurrencies have completely revolutionized the business. As a result, it is a terrific moment to get inspired and watch a few of the top films about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

There is some excellent video accessible for you to view and study, regardless of whether you are already familiar with the latest news about cryptocurrency industry, with the origins of Bitcoin, or need to understand how cryptocurrencies might affect our lives now.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Bitcoin documentaries and cryptocurrency movies for you to see before the year is out to simplify things for you.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it 

A one-hour documentary about it was published in 2015. It is a concise introduction to cryptocurrencies and money that is both straightforward and helpful. With the help of this documentary, you can see how money has changed over time.

Additionally, this documentary will expose the methods used by financial organizations and central banks. Finally, this program will also focus on how the government affects printing money and how inflation might result from it.

Many people, like Roger Ver and Vitalik Buterin, debate whether currencies, particularly bitcoin, can transform the financial and economic landscape or if they are just another bubble that will burst.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

This documentary is set during the height of the cryptocurrency boom when bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were popular.

A programmer who became interested in this digital money is the subject of the 2014 documentary.

While watching this documentary, you will learn more about the worldwide effects of this incredible technology, which is a cryptocurrency, as he becomes deeply involved in the community connected to it.

Nicholas Mross’ documentary/film is a must-see for anybody interested in learning about and experiencing the early days of cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin.


There aren’t many high-quality documentaries about cryptography available. However, cryptocurrency stood out and was just introduced a few years ago.

This documentary has elements of a crime drama thriller movie and makes several allusions to cryptocurrency.

There are several well-known actors from the Hollywood business in this movie. Kurt Russell, Alexis Bleder, and Luke Hemsworth are a few examples.

Money laundering and other types of illicit activity were issues that their on-screen characters had to cope with.

As a result, you will see a variety of real-world events and crypto jargon throughout the movie.

Explained: Cryptocurrency

Choose this quick movie if you don’t have much free time. It is a component of a series that covers a variety of subjects. And if you need assistance with crypto, it may be a trustworthy source.

You can learn all you need to understand about cryptocurrencies and the environment they operate in by watching the 14-minute series.

Cryptopia: Bitcoin, And the Future of The Internet

The producer of this documentary is Torsten Hoffmann, and it was released in 2020. Other cryptocurrency projects by the producer, such as Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It, are well-known.

This film provides you with a glimpse into the ecology surrounding bitcoin and how it functions. Additionally, it covers the numerous issues and debates surrounding this coin.

Unlike other overhyped literature about cryptocurrency that is available online.

You can learn a lot from the documentary’s material, some of which may be crucial if you’re thinking about making a long-term investment.

Where Did Bitcoin Come From? – The True Story

This video from Cold Fusion teaches all there is to know about bitcoin.

Everything in the movie is made clearer and easier to understand, thanks to Cold Fusion.

Anyone who wants to invest in digital currency should see this documentary beforehand.

Bitcoin – Shape the Future

You embark on a journey further Than the Great Wall and into mainland China with this documentary. China is renowned for its rigid economic regulations.

However, it will demonstrate how Chinese cryptocurrency companies are influencing this decentralized cryptocurrency’s whole destiny.

It is the nation’s first documentary about cryptocurrencies. It will provide you with an intriguing glimpse into the Chinese cryptocurrency market and the future of digital assets. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

You should watch this documentary if you want to learn more in-depth details on how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies got their start.

This film will explain how cryptocurrencies operate and what blockchain technology is all about.

Everything you need to know about these technologies and how such a sophisticated system is feasible will be covered in this documentary.

Although this video does not specifically address bitcoin, it will provide a broad overview of digital assets.

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

If you want to watch something brief and to the point, this documentary is your best bet. The documentary barely lasts about 35 minutes.

It will give you various responses to the inquiries made by several detractors of this coin. Additionally, it will aid you in comprehending the complex world of cryptocurrency.

Banking on Bitcoin

This documentary may be the most widely-viewed piece of online material on this particular subject because of its Netflix status.

You may learn more about the history of this innovation and its enormous potential from this documentary.

The history of this technology will be covered in detail, and you could run into some known figures as well.

The Bitcoin Gospel

The 2009 financial crisis serves as the backdrop for this documentary/opening movie’s moments. A new breed of financiers, bankers, and businesspeople arises with the conviction that bitcoin may serve as a shield against generational corruption.

But without a few disagreements along the line, this might not be feasible. Many individuals believe that bitcoin also gives criminals the freedom to conduct crimes more easily.

The documentary fairly evaluates each side of the controversies raised.

Bit x Bit: In Bitcoin We Trust

In the modern day, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still not fully understood. As a result, ascetics and authorities continue to be hesitant to adopt the system and incorporate it into the present economy.

This documentary appears to correct this and offer details about the advancement of this technology. It also outlines what function it will have in the future.

However, things won’t always be peaches and cream. Consequently, this documentary also demonstrates the negative aspects of these cryptocurrencies.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Since the release of this documentary, there have been more queries about cryptocurrencies than there have been solutions.

This film is about a mysterious creator who has never appeared in public and decentralized money that is immune to all laws.

The latent popularity of bitcoin is examined in this documentary, along with the revolution of cryptocurrencies.

This documentary also provides explanations for why money that can only be used online is garnering such widespread acceptance.

This documentary is the best choice for you if you have any queries about how these currencies have evolved and how this system functions.

Additionally, you will learn more about the future of these digital assets.

The Blockchain and Us 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wouldn’t exist without blockchain technology.

And in this film, Manuel Stagars examines the advancement of this innovation and how it has the potential to alter the nature of the world economy.

In this documentary, Stagars discusses the importance of understanding software engineers, researchers, business owners, cryptographers, and other advisors to fully grasp blockchain technology.

Bottom Line

You will know all there is to know about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies after viewing these Bitcoin and cryptocurrency films.

The time is now more than ever for you to learn about and comprehend cryptocurrency.

Despite what you may read or see, cryptocurrencies are a reality. Understanding is, therefore, preferable.

The fact that you can access all of these films on a variety of platforms is the finest part.

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and discover the cutting-edge technology that will rule the globe in the future.