The Baker And The Beauty Season 2

The Baker and The Beauty has been a fan favorite ever since it debuted on Netflix. The American romcom relies on the Israeli series by precisely the same name, which saw much success and was rated among the highest-rated series in its home country. The first version was aired on Amazon Prime Video.

The American version, which was made by ABC, premiered on April 13, 2020. Even though the show gained much traction, its renewal was cancelled in June 2020 after only one season.

However, after its debut on Netflix, the series garnered massive hype alongside an international fanbase, shooting its Rotten Tomatoes rating to 88 percent. Since that time, fans were expecting that the flowing giant would save the show, just like it did with Designated Survivor and Lucifer.

The Baker And The Beauty Season 2

All About The Baker And The Beauty Season 2

Nathalie Kelly, who stars as Noa Hamilton from the series, recently opened up about the show’s success and a potential new season. She talked about how, even following its conclusion, the show bagged the number one place in TV shows and that too with no advertising. She teased that when this momentum is continuing, fans might find a season twice on Netflix.

However, as of yet, there’s been no official announcement regarding another installment of the show. And even if the series were to find a green light, we’d likely not have to see it until 2022.

The show follows Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), a well-mannered son loved by his Cuban parents, who suddenly encounters a Miami established international superstar Noa Hollander and falls in love. The series takes a comedic course as the two families deal with the cultural battle.