The latest additions to Stranger Things include iconic horror actor Robert Englund, Eduardo Franco, Jamie Campbell Bower, Sherman Augustus, among others. Of all these new cast members, it is Joseph Quinn who appears in the images.

In the Stranger, Things revealed stills, Hawke and Steve actor Joe Keery was seen walking through the Atlanta woods alongside Joseph Quinn, who plays D&D club president Eddie Munson.

While it wasn’t entirely clear what they were doing, it seems likely that the trio was investigating something. After all, when the characters venture into the woods in Stranger Things, they’re usually looking for something.

It was previously revealed that Eddie’s D&D group is called The Hellfire Club. The first episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things is titled “The Hellfire Club”, it is clear that this group will play a vital role in the next episodes.

Eddie himself represents the club in the recently revealed set photos of Stranger Things, as he is seen wearing a shirt with the name stamped across the front. Somehow Steve and Robin have bonded with The Hellfire Club and Eddie.

A teaser released earlier this year for season 4 revealed that Hopper is in a Russian prison, and fans of Stranger Things have been speculating on how he will escape.

However, photos from the set of Stranger Things also indicate that something strange is going on at Hawkins, meaning the action is sure to be split between multiple locations.

Season 4 of Stranger Things is shaping up to be packed with action and new faces, and hopefully, it will be just as exciting and not turn out to be a disappointment on the Netflix platform.