Season 4 of Stranger Things will delve into the backstory of a beloved character, Hopper. This revelation silenced the debate over who was “the American” held captive in the country.

David Harbor reveals that the new season of Stranger Things will delve into Hopper’s past. He said, “So I know specifically that in season 4 we’re going to give you a big reveal about Hopper’s backstory.”

Stranger Things’ David Harbor revealed that it’s one of the things he’s known about since the first frame of the first take, and he hasn’t voiced it yet. And they will finally express it in a big way.

Following the reveal that Hopper was still alive, fans of Stranger Things have been speculating on how he will escape from the Russian prison he is currently trapped in.

Hopper has been one of the most important characters in Stranger Things and while his character became a bit repetitive and irritating in season 3, Harbor managed to shed light on the man’s best qualities, before his heartbreaking sacrifice.

The prospect of learning about his past is exciting, to say the least as his character has always been one of the most underdeveloped in Stranger Things. However, fans will have to be patient.