• ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin believes that The Rock does not need it to remain the most important actor in the world
  • The WWE Hall of Famer also details an anecdote in which Vince McMahon had to pay $ 14,000 because of Austin

The WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold ‘Steve Austin was recently invited to the podcast  The Pat McAfee Show. Among other things, ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ talked about an event that cost Vince McMahon an additional $ 14,000 and whether he would be willing to star in a movie with The Rock.

Made Vince McMahon pay $ 14,000 overtime

“Many times, in the recordings of the television shows, I would come out at the end to entertain the public. They would put my entrance theme and I would come back on stage. Maybe I had already appeared before to do an interview or to have a fight, but I’d go out again to entertain the crowd and make sure they went home happy. Once, I stayed away too long. It was near New York.

In the end, I went back behind the scenes. Vince told me that I had to go to his office the next day. ‘Damn you, Steve. You cost me an extra $ 14,000 last night. ‘ The staff members had to work overtime. He called me because I had made him spend $ 14,000 more to make workers stay longer than he had set. I proposed to pay him half. He replied, ‘damn it, I don’t want your money. I’m just telling you. Next time, come back a little earlier. ‘ ”

He doesn’t want to star in a movie with The Rock

“I think this (making a movie with The Rock) could negatively affect his credibility. He’s worked really hard for a long time. People don’t usually realize how many years he’s been working in the acting world. It’s been more years. acting than fighting. He will always be remembered as a fighter, one of the most entertaining in history, and the biggest movie star in the world. I think he takes the issue of credibility very seriously, and he doesn’t need me to do a cameo to stay the top man in the business. This is so.

It’s not that I’m very interested in making another movie, really. But if The Rock asked me, all I’d have to say is ‘hey man, this has occurred to me.’ It will happen? No. But people often ask me, so this is my answer. The honesty of your career would be at stake, and you don’t need me. Nor would I force him to do so. “