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Have you ever wondered why some people make money betting on sports year after year while the great majority lose their deposits?

Truth be told, experienced sports bettors adhere to a set of guidelines they always follow. In contrast, casual gamblers almost always end up broke because they lack a consistent strategy. Often, bookmakers take advantage of inexperienced gamblers because they repeatedly make the same mistakes.

The article’s overarching goal is to respond to the following question: how does one go about betting like a pro?

Let’s investigate the everyday routine and thought process of a professional gambler. Observing their guidelines can increase your winnings from sports betting when you’re betting on any of the top 100 online gambling sites.

Budgeting and Planning

As a pro gambler, this is crucial. Bettors who consider themselves professionals will adhere to a strict bankroll management method, while recreational gamblers will invest significant portions of their money in games based on a “hunch.”

A “unit” system is the standard for how a professional gambler keeps score.

Divide your total cash holdings by 100 to get an approximate value. A single “unit” is one of these 100 components. While most pros will only bet one unit per game, they may risk two if they are particularly confident in their pick.

If you have $10,000 to wager, you should only risk $100 on any single game. Even if you shouldn’t routinely consider wagers of up to $200, doing so if you feel really strongly about a topic is acceptable.

On the contrary hand, a casual sports bettor might risk half of their money on a single game. In sports, even the odds-on favorites can experience unexpected defeats. If you put this amount of your money into one game, you will lose everything and go broke. However, a professional player can weather even the gravest of storms thanks to careful bankroll management. You should also remember to utilize any promos you can get. So if you live in North Carolina, make sure to find any North Carolina sports betting promos available to you.

Create a Method

Where do you stand out? Do you just gamble on the games you have an emotional investment in?

In most cases, experts will use a tried-and-true method. Haralabos Voulgaris, widely regarded as the world’s top basketball gambler, created an automated ” Ewing ” system to aid him in placing bets. Ewing employs several variables to determine which games to wager on. Professionals like Voulgaris would gamble on any game with an edge, while casual bettors will only bet on their favorite teams.

It would be best if you focused on developing a strategy that you believe provides you an advantage in sports that you already have an extensive understanding of. This is how the pros gamble, as opposed to the amateurs who usually just go with their gut.

Invest Where the Money Is

Sharp is a term that you may or may not be familiar with. The term “sharp” refers to professional gamblers who consistently succeed in their sports betting.

Let’s pretend the Patriots and Broncos are playing in the big game. Now, the “sharp” will be most active right after the line is launched and right before the game starts. If you want to know what happens to the line, watch these two points in time.

So, for the Super Bowl, assume the Patriots are 8-point favorites over the Broncos. 7.5 points initially favored the Patriots, but the line shifted shortly after it was released, making them just a 6-and-a-half point favorite. Keep this in mind, as it indicates that the smart money was substantially betting on the Broncos after the line was posted.

The line for the game may go back to where it opened if casual bettors put enough money on the table in the weeks leading up to the event. The pros will wait patiently until right before the game starts to make their wagers.

Where the experts are placing their bets can be found out about in a variety of web resources.

If you had to choose, would you rather bet with wise money or dumb money?

Seek Out What’s Best For You

The betting public will put a lot of money on favorites like the New York Yankees and the New England Patriots. If you’re a fan of the Yankees and want to bet on them, you should know that you’re a novice gambler and will probably lose your money quickly.

Instead, it would help if you searched for VALUE. You’ll need to modify your way of thinking, but the payoff should be worthwhile in the long run.

Assume that you have high hopes for a certain football team’s performance against the league’s best squad for the sake of argument. You’re a fan of a straight bet on them, even though the odds are +500 against their winning. Given the recent struggles of the favorite and the breakout performance of the underdog’s running back, you predict they will win four of every ten games.

Now, if you are thus sure that the underdog will win, you MUST place this wager. You need to take the long view rather than focusing on individual matches. Such a bet would be profitable in the long run if, for instance, your analysis is true and the underdog has a great deal of value. If you think your team has a 40 percent chance of winning, betting on them at +500 is a no-brainer.

Once again, you should search for bargains. This is the strategy employed by the pros, and it is the strategy you should adopt as well.

Stay Up to Date with Key Information

Expert sports bettors are constantly looking for any advantage they may gain before placing a wager.

How do Tom Brady and company do when playing on the road in hot weather? What is Boston like to see after dropping the first two games of a series? Chris Sale’s performance on the mound after a defeat. If you bet on football, how has the New York Giants fared against the spread this season?

Professional sports bettors have access to a wealth of data and statistics they use in their betting strategies before placing a wager.

In order to get an advantage, the professional sports bettor is always analyzing statistics. Spend a lot of time reading and analyzing statistics if you want to become a professional sports bettor.

Use of a Wide Variety of Sportsbooks

The drawback to making a living as a professional sports bettor? There are bookmakers out there who won’t take your wagers.

Because sportsbooks are for-profit enterprises, they are incentivized to limit your betting activity if you prove to be a consistent money winner (even after paying out your winnings) (the likelier option).

As a result, it’s smart to have accounts at several different sportsbooks under your name. You can open as many betting accounts as you like, which may increase your chances of winning by providing you with access to more bonus funds.

Avoid putting all your eggs in one sportsbook’s basket; if they close their doors on you right before a big game, you won’t have time to transfer your money to another establishment. Insist that at least three or four sportsbooks be available at all times.

Patience Goes a Long Way

And here we have the missing piece: experts are patient and wait for the right price, whereas amateurs are eager to place a wager at any cost.

Many experts won’t wager on a game unless they get the odds they’re looking for. Are you prepared to walk away if you can’t beat the price they’re offering?

When starting, it can take time to build up a sizable bankroll, but a pro will know this, while a novice will expect instant success and wealth. Professionalism is the key to a lifetime of sports betting success, whereas an amateur’s approach usually ends in broken bankrolls.

The pro is content to risk only one percent of their bankroll on any game, while the amateur will frequently stake everything they have in the hope of striking it rich.


Is there a trend developing here? Like a stock investor, a professional bookmaker in sports takes the long view, aiming to increase their bankroll gradually through EV+ wagers.

Conversely, the amateur lacks patience and is only interested in quick wins.

Is this something you see yourself regularly doing? If yes, then you should take the seven steps outlined above.