Former Indian captain and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chairman Sourav Ganguly’s condition remains stable. Ganguly was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Kolkata on Wednesday 27 January in the afternoon after complaining of chest pain. It is believed that another stent can be placed in the body of Ganguly suffering from heart disease. Ganguly had a heart attack earlier this month, after which he underwent angioplasty and stent. Dr. Devi Shetty (Dr. Devi Shetty), the country’s famous cardiologist, is reaching Kolkata today to help in the treatment of Ganguly.

Ganguly had a heart attack earlier this year on 2 January, after which he was treated at Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata. During this time showed that the former Indian captain triple vessel disease is (Triple Vessels Disease are) suffering from which the heart to the blood delivering 3 of the major artery block. At that time Ganguly’s angioplasty was done by removing blockages in one of these artifacts and staining them.

The medical board meeting today will decide on angioplasty

Sources associated with Ganguly said on Wednesday that the BCCI president had no problem and was only taken to the hospital for routine check-ups. However, he was admitted to Apollo Hospital, and a medical board of 3 doctors – Dr. Saptarshi Basu, Dr. Aftab Khan, and Dr. Saroj Mandal – was constituted for his treatment.

This medical board will have a meeting today. Dr. Shetty and some doctors from Mumbai are also arriving from Bengaluru at 11 am to join it. Only after discussing this, a decision will be taken on Ganguly’s angioplasty. It is believed that another stent will be installed in Ganguly’s heart today.

The stent was in the woodlands hospital

However, the news agency ANI quoted Woodlands Hospital as saying that the process of the stent will be done today. Under the supervision of Dr. Basu, Dr. Shetty, and Dr. Mandal, Dr. Aftab Khan will put a stent in the heart of Ganguly. The process of applying the stent was first done at Woodlands Hospital. Then Ganguly was discharged after being in the hospital for 5 days. At that time it was decided that further treatment process would be taken in the coming days after talking to Ganguly’s family.