This was not the only challenge he faced. He had to struggle a lot to run only for 100 meters. He needed to strengthen his legs and stomach muscles for this. For this, she used to run and exercise by tying the weight in her legs.

After hard work in the morning and playing matches in the evening, they had to get up late to study. The next morning he had to go to take the exam.

His family had clearly told him that sports are not acceptable at the cost of studies.

But despite his emphasis on studies, his family stood by him with limited resources.

Sonali’s father worked as a security guard and his physically disabled mother ran a small food and beverage shop.

Finally, overcoming all obstacles, he represented India in international competitions and also won many competitions.

The Road Was Not Easy

Sonali Vishnu Shingate was born on 27 May 1995 in Lower Parel, Mumbai. He studied at Maharishi Dayanand College.

She loved playing cricket since childhood, but her family could not fulfill her hobby due to financial constraints.

Later in college, he started taking interest in kabaddi. At that time, he had not made any serious plans about it.

During his college days, he started training with Rajesh Padova. Rajesh is the coach of the local Shiv Shakti Mahila Sangha Club.

He gave Sonali his shoe and kit. Sonali sweats heavily in training and never takes any offense.

Sonami, along with her family, does not forget to count the role of her coaches and senior players like Gauri Wadekar and Suvarna Bartek, behind her success.

Within a few years, Sonali had joined the Western Railway, where coach Gautami Aroskar helped her to develop her game.

Significant Break

The Federation Cup tournament in the year 2018 proved to be a major break in Sonali Shinget’s life. She was part of the Indian Railway team that won the tournament. Indian Railways team defeated the Himachal Pradesh team.

Earlier in the 65th National Kabaddi Championship, the Himachal Pradesh team defeated the Indian Railways team.

For Sonali, this victory came with a turning point in her career. He was selected for the Indian National Coaching Camp. After this, he was again selected in the Indian team for the 18th Asian Games to be held in Jakarta.

The Indian team that won the silver medal in Jakarta was part of that team. Apart from this, she was also a member of the Indian team that won the gold medal in the South Asian Games held in Kathmandu in 2019. This gave a new identity to Sonali’s achievements.

Maharashtra’s government honored him in 2019 by giving him the state’s biggest sports honor, Shiv Chhatrapati.

The following year in 2020, he has declared the best player in the 67th National Kabaddi Championship.

Sonali wants to work hard and participate in national level competitions and wants to represent India in international level competitions.

She says that as the Pro Kabaddi League is organized for men, there is a need to organize a Professional League to encourage women Kabaddi in India.