Skortu Telescope Reviews | Is Skortu A Scam?


These situations related to COVID has led to an unprecedented mass-flow towards online purchases. Few Scam faced vultures have started preying on the sincere buyers, ruining the purity of marketing. In this Skortu Telescope Reviews, learn more about the website and the telescope it is selling. 

Skortu Telescope Reviews

This article on Skortu Telescope Reviews is purely unbiased and does not intend to support or promote any kind of product or value. Our readers’ financial safety is our utmost concern. Let us get started on the value discern of each aspect relating to Skortu. 

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Skortu Telescope Reviews | Is Skortu A Scam?

Skortu is a website that claims to sell some very high-value products at very reasonable prices. Nevertheless, the website runs on https security address, which ensures that your saved passwords and banking information is safe within the site. Skortu allows payments via PayPal and other Credit Cards, including Mastercard and Visa. It still doesn’t imply any security that there aren’t frames with a hoodlum, disparaging your privacy.  Furthermore, the lack of proper product reviews section is missing in the ground of the website, which made us even more susceptive to the authenticity of the website. Still, to disparage any work would be unfair, if not given a chance.

skortu scam

So, we bought it, the Skortu telescope, and here is what we found.

What Is Skortu Telescope? 

Skortu Telescope is available only on its official website under the name of 4K 10-300X40 MM Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular. As suggested on the site, this telescope is developed by one Johns Hopkins University, under a new advancement technique for monoculars.  The implied projection of this research was on providing maximum magnification possible from the tiniest aperture.

Skortu telescope ensures the laminating flux and the absolute resolution angle of the telescope. It incorporates the use of nano-etching technology and nano-array technology. Besides, a thin-film mosaic and nano optical materials make it sure to reduce the flatness error of the lens by 10 nm. As claimed on the website, the resolution angle of this telescope is 47 times that of any primary telescope, of the same diameter. They also claim that their telescope reaches 300 times. All of these claims appear, too good to be true, in a first eye.

Features Of Skortu Telescope

  • Magnification up to 10-300 X
  • BAK-SI Prism Type
  • FMC Objective Lens Coating

Why Is Skorty Telescope So Cheap?

Skorty Telescopes are not cheap. Instead, their branding is merely inconceivable and also not correct. They use too much acquiescence for such a tool, employing the elegant technology signatures. And plus when putting to results, these telescopes are not up-to-mark, if compared to what they dispense to sell, on their website.

Cons Of Skortu Telescope?

cons of skortu

  • Ocular Zoom is not even close to the acclaimed 300X.
  • Auto-Focus is useless if your subject keeps moving. 
  • Tripod makes it hard to fasten the pinhole to the phone camera.
  • As represented, the frame is not screen-optimized, but ocular since it is a monocular.
  • Delivery time is the worst aspect of considering this telescope. 

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Should I Buy Skortu Telescope?

Even though this telescope is not as expected. After reading the brand claims and promises, one starts to develop a taste for such an unworldly experience. But still, for this price range, it is as the other models are. A few things up and down, and there we are around a similar experience. Nothing unique or remarkable as such.

telescope by Skortu

Acclaimed Pros Of Skortu Telescope? 

  • Skorty telescopes are capable of observing people or things, from distances away.
  • Hold a built-in night-vision purpose that concedes its usability at nighttime.
  • They possess unusual blur-out and autofocus highlights.
  • Has an anti-shake custom design with a gyroscopic tripod design.
  • The shell body is of titanium alloy. Still, it weighs only 1.1 pounds.
  • It is compact because subsequent retraction, it plainly stretches to a length of 8 inches.
  • Waterproof and dustproof design, along with sealed optics, provides improved water-resistance.

Is It Worth It?

For such a price range, one cannot expect professional-level images and scenes. The zoom, scope, and framing are all so average, if not corrupt. So, if it is worth it, it is a subject of dependability and perspective. Besides, you may try it and form an opinion if you want to be more sure. They also present to hold a money refund guarantee. Utilize it if the product fails to satisfy.

Closure |

In this Skortu Telescope Reviews, we made sure to present an unbiased and unaltered totality of the product. The brand’s plaudits differ from the originality of the product, which is the most degrading con of this telescope. Moreover, If you own any familiarity with the Skortu Telescope, please share your opinions with our readers. In the comment section below, you can ask your queries, and we will be glad to be of help.