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What is a shipping container? In simple terms, it is just a rectangular box with strong steel walls designed for the transport of various types of non-standard cargo. Due to the lack of a special finish, shipping containers for sale in Las Vegas go for quite affordable prices.

Usually, sizes of containers vary, which allows you to choose any from 3 feet to 45 feet. The two most popular types are 20-foot and 40-foot shipping containers. They, as a rule, are optimal for the realization of any wishes of the client. Do you want to find out more? Then, just keep reading this article!

Shipping containers: from cargo storage to use in construction

Have you known that Pelican Containers are not only made of top quality but also very universal? Yet, let’s observe them gradually. Standard shipping containers are a reliable way to deliver your cargo safely and securely, not only by sea but also by rail.

Shipping containers are available for sale in Las Vegas. They boast of increased wall strength, the most modern technologies, and materials, as well as reliable fastenings. Naturally, when you think of shipping containers, cargo transportation comes to mind first. However, due to the unique properties and strength of containers (as well as their relative cheapness), they find application in varied areas of modern life.

One has only to look away from the original purpose (cargo container) and look from a slightly different angle. In reality, shipping containers have all the necessary characteristics to be used as an ideal blank for construction. In other words, it’s a ready-to-use steel frame that turns into anything you want for the lowest cost.

For example, with ordinary shipping containers, you can create:

  • reliable warehouses;
  • compact shops;
  • mobile power plants and laboratories;
  • seasonal rental points;
  • mobile hotels;
  • temporary change houses for workers;
  • and even full-fledged cozy homes.

Moreover, the house does not have to fit into the standard size. Several shipping containers, like cubes, can model any space required by a particular project.

The shipping container projects are remarkably fast and easy to assemble. They allow you to create a full-fledged building in just a few weeks. Also, shipping containers guarantee ease of connecting the necessary communications, good hydro and thermal insulation (with additional insulation), fire resistance and reliability of solid walls, environmental friendliness, and affordable price. All this contributes to the popularity of sea containers in the process of building places for living, working, or whatever you need.

Some things to remember while opting for a shipping container

Even when skeptics claim that used shipping containers are less hermetically sealed and corrosion resistant, experience has shown the next. For many years, shipping containers easily perform the same functions as new ones without losing quality. When manufacturing a container, galvanized steel at least 3 mm thick is used, so it will successfully serve your home for many years.

Important point: for a humid climate, it is better to choose a container made of stainless steel. Do not worry if small dents are visible on the body. This absolutely does not affect its properties. Also, do not focus on the year of your container release. The main thing is a visual inspection, large dents, and rust.

More about shipping containers for sale in Las Vegas

As you may have understood, shipping containers are very popular for sale, as they perfectly replace traditional trailers and change houses. Plus, they are made of durable materials that allow them to be carried by a crane. That’s why shipping containers can withstand large dynamic loads. More than this, the container’s walls are made of steel, with no plywood or plastic. This complicates the hacking of buildings created with shipping containers.

Due to its compact shape, the standard container is easier to install on a wheeled platform for transportation. The requirements for the width and height of a loaded vehicle used in transportation are reduced. Moreover, delivery will not cause problems since the container has traveled “legally” before and perfectly complies with regulations.

Shipping container: designs and usage

There is a wide assortment of shipping containers for sale in Las Vegas. The most common types of containers are:

  • those that include tunnels with doors on opposite sides;
  • those that can be opened only from below;
  • or those that are open on both sides (top and bottom);
  • tank tops with removable tarpaulin roof;
  • refrigerators with improved thermal insulation;
  • flat platforms (racks) for large loads;
  • tanks for liquids, including petroleum products;
  • bulk carriers for dry bulk materials;
  • coils for transporting coils.

All shipping containers by the Pelican Containers company comply with ISO, CSC, TIR, and UIC international standards. These are secure storage facilities for cargo that meet all modern transportation conditions. They withstand strong ocean jolts for a long time. On land, shipping containers are even safer to use.

It is only necessary to choose the ideal option for the storage of certain materials or items. You should also exploit high-quality transport with proper load capacity.

If you search for a used shipping container for sale in Las Vegas, you better be attentive or find a trusted provider. As a rule, used containers should be carefully checked for defects before being rented out. If necessary, they undergo current or overhaul and are painted and sealed to prevent moisture intrusion. The lessee receives a container for a loan with a quality guarantee. Subsequently, repair work is carried out at the expense of the owner, who leases the property.

Summing it up

As world experience shows, shipping containers successfully turn not only into cottages or kitchens but also into stylish full-fledged homes. By combining containers of different sizes, placing them one above the other, and playing with location, you can create a completely unique space that will perfectly suit your needs. Plus, it’s very easy to buy shipping containers even in Las Vegas. For example, the Pelican Containers company provides a great number of them. All their products are worthy of your attention. They differ in size, color, price, and so on.