German driver  Sebastian Vettel, who will change teams after signing for Aston Martin next season, acknowledged that he misses the pioneering role of  Formula 1  in the area of ​​technique and technology.

“Only from 2022 will it be mandatory to use 10 percent second-generation biofuel in Formula 1,” Vettel said in an interview published Monday by the German newspaper  Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“As things are today, the proportion will only increase to just 30 percent when there is a new regulation on engines. And that would be, at the earliest, from 2025.  I find it very, very disappointing, ” he said the quadruple world champion.

The 33-year-old driver ran his last race in mid-December at the helm of a Ferrari, at the close of his six-year cycle with the Italian team. From next season he will drive for the new Aston Martin team.

Vettel said,

“We have no traction control, no anti-lock system or stability system, which all new cars on the streets already have today. These are things that were developed on the track,

The pilot predicted that in 2025 there will be service stations that serve fuel produced 100 percent with renewable energy. “Where was the pioneering role of Formula 1 in the field of technology? ” He questioned.

In his opinion, power politics play a role there because no one renounces its advantages. “So it seems to be. Formula 1 has always cost a lot of money. And competition and ambition have always managed to open enough wallets so far, ” said the driver.

Finally, Vettel warned that the gravity of the situation is not understood: “I find it frustrating. We know it and still we do nothing. This is how we seal our disappearance into irrelevance,” he declared.