The protagonists of the J.R.R. Tolkien, later adapted by Peter Jackson, were always very close.

About two decades after the premiere of The Fellowship of the Ring, it is time to celebrate the anniversary of a saga so essential for contemporary popular cinema as The Lord of the Rings. In recent weeks, the world of cinema has celebrated it is very varied and, perhaps, disorganized ways: from a nostalgic meeting on account of the pandemic to an ambitious remastering of the entire Middle-earth saga (that is, both of El Lord of the Rings as from The Hobbit) that Peter Jackson undertook after noticing certain visual inconsistencies. On an individual basis, some member of the team has also had to respond to this event.

It was recently the case of Sean Astin, recalling Jackson’s irate behavior on set and how the New Zealand filmmaker had told him the most painful thing he had ever heard throughout his career. Weeks later Astin has once again been the protagonist of a memory related to The Lord of the Rings, but involuntarily: in fact, some statements that he gave long ago have been virtualized, some years after the premiere of The Return of the King. How did social media find out? Well, thanks to the magic of TikTok.

User Battery Supliers answered a question generated automatically by the service, and this was “what is your favorite moment of an interview with a celebrity?”. Battery Supliers then proceeded to insert a fragment of an interview that Sean Astin conducted on the legacy of The Lord of the Rings. And, specifically, to the number of fans who had seen in Sam and Frodo (Astin and Elijah Wood) an endearing homosexual couple. Something that was never confirmed in the movies, but that the actor quite likes.

“I think Sam and Frodo should have kissed. But how do you know they didn’t do it in the first place? It’s a long way to Mordor, ”Astin joked. “We loved all the Gay Fan Fiction when the movies were released. Where we came out of the closet. When the trilogy ended we loved that the fans embraced that and were with us. We are fine with how people want us to imagine ”, he concluded. Astin gives wings, in this way, to the fraction of the fandom that always saw the protagonists of The Lord of the Rings as a loving couple, later sabotaged by the arrival of Rosita Coto (Sarah McLeod) and Frodo’s march to the Gray Havens.