Eder Sarabia, Quique Setien’s second at Barcelona, was presented this Tuesday as the new coach of Andorra, a club owned by Gerard Pique. The coach, who will make his debut against Espanyol B this Sunday at the Blue and White Sports City, has been moved when talking about Setien and has recalled his past on the Barca bench and his relationship with some players.

First words.

I want to thank the club for the opportunity, we come here with great enthusiasm, we have detected the ambition of the club, the desire to grow, the implication, determination … they have convinced us quickly.

Now we have to try on a daily basis to demonstrate the experience, knowledge and reach goals together. He also wants to remind me of the previous coach, Nacho Castro. He started the project, we will keep him in mind and hopefully, he will be a participant in the achievements.


I want to remember Quique Setien. Let’s see if I don’t get too excited. He has been a fundamental person.

After my father, he is the most important person I have met in football. He is more than a friend, he is a father. My father told me that I would be the most honest and honest person and it has been like that. If I am here it is thanks to him. I have had incredible moments. I have learned a lot. The relationship is extraordinary. I have spoken with him these days. He has supported me, he has said go ahead. I know he will be one of the main critics. Now the roads are separated.


The important thing is to keep the good things that the team has. The football that I like, attacking, playing on the opposite field, being prepared for difficult moments. You have to be a supportive, solid, competitive block that goes to the duel … that it be a very complete team and that it adapts. I don’t know how to gauge whether it will hurt the team or not. But I have to focus on quickly convincing the players, setting things straight about what we want and that the footballer goes to death with us. Disconnect from Setien, I’ve always said that I felt like the first coach. Before working with Setien I always have been. I have been delighted, I couldn’t find a better person to work with. With the conversations we have had these days with Andorra I had few doubts to accept this challenge.

Espanyol B

We are focused on seeing the next rival, Espanyol. To face these first weeks we are fully prepared, we know the rival on Sunday.


Jon Lopez and Manu Torres. Jon is a boy from Bilbao that I met when I started playing soccer at a youth age. I met Manu Torres at Villarreal. Ascent is optimistic for Sunday’s game (laughs). You think about that goal, but the category is very tough. With your feet on the ground.

Leo Messi and Suarez

A person like Gerard, who has been in that same locker room, is one of those who choose me to direct this silence some rumors and some things that could be thought or misinterpreted. There are moments in the games where there is tension, that inside the locker room It is discussed that in that intermission in Vigo what happened happened, but they are things that do not go anywhere. There is no problem. I always keep the good and I am very grateful for what I experienced, having trained those pieces of players did not anybody removes it.

Barca B

Yes, it will be special. Contact with the Barça players, I have kept with a few and some have congratulated me for signing for Andorra.


This week he called me, we were talking and one of the things that have surprised me the most is the involvement he has in the project the knowledge of the team the category he has seen in all the games, some of them more than once. Jaume Nogues, Sports Director of AndorraCoach change.

It is a process that is worked over low heat. We detect things that we believe we can improve and we get to work. These decisions are made very conscientiously and you must be clear about your substitute. When Sarabia’s option comes out, we see very clearly that he is the person who can take us where we want. It is not a question of results there are other things like we can make the club more professional.