This week, WWE The Bump interviewed Ron Simmons to discuss the day he became the first African American to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He also did a career review and even revealed the origin of his iconic phrase “Damn.” Here are the most outstanding statements.

Origin of the phrase Damn, People always make fun of me for the phrase, but they never ask me the origin. That started when Bradshaw (JBL) and I worked as a team (APA). When something went wrong, people in the first six or seven rows could hear me say, ‘Damn’. Every time we went back to those cities, they expected me to say it and people would shout it with me. I asked JBL what they were saying and he said they say ‘Damn’ because you say that every time something doesn’t come out how you want.

The WWE writers heard about that and said let’s try something: Booker T and John Cena would have a confrontation in Chicago and when they finished I would go out and say Damn  I did it and that’s how he was born.

The Day He Became WCW World Heavyweight Champion

I had no idea that was going to happen. I was still working my way up to headlining the main events. I always came in with the same attitude that the guys under me had, I just thought about doing my thing. One day they called me and asked me. They said I would have a title fight, I was surprised, that’s why I always say that the moment I was crowned champion was a real moment in the history of wrestling.

And it was not only a historic moment for African American fans, but for everyone who attended that day. Every time I see that moment, I have the same feelings. It was a real moment for me in this business. I did not set out to make history or To be the first African-American champion, for people to come up to me and tell me that their path changed the day I was crowned champion, it feels great.