During the Monday Night RAW broadcasts on the USA Network, superstar Alexa Bliss received a surprise attack at the hands of Randy Orton.

This week’s main event saw Alexa Bliss attempt to win the RAW Women’s Championship against Asuka. The two wrestlers started in a very even hand-to-hand and were affected by the mental games of the companion of The Fiend. At one point in the fight, we could see the original Alexa back feeling scared and confused by the situation.

A new blackout would reveal the version of Bliss possessed by The Fiend. When the competitor was about to finish the fight with her Mandible Claw, Randy Orton revealed himself from behind and surprised Alexa with his RKO to knock her unconscious. With both women on the canvas, this week’s Monday Night RAW ended with a shot of Orton’s face full of blisters after suffering the Fireball at the hands of Alexa Bliss a couple of weeks ago.

Alexa Bliss Had Defeated Asuka On RAW

A week after burning Randy Orton’s face, Alexa Bliss was announced for a non-title match against Asuka. A blackout followed by the commercial break revealed a new much darker side to Bliss, which completely dominated the champion. The companion of The Fiend managed to catch Asuka in a Sister Abigail to apply the count of three that would give her victory and a position in the titular scene.