Despite the ban on PUBG Mobile in the country, some users are playing it illegally. This is completely wrong. All the users are waiting for the popular worldwide game to launch again in India. In all the reports, some claims are made every day about this game.

Meanwhile, our partner website BGR India used the jugaad to play PUBG in India and it was found that anyone can play PUBG in India despite the ban. But we are warning you that doing so is not only illegal but also dangerous. In this whole process, you will have to give third party access to the smartphone.

Actually, BGR India also tried out the multiplayer mode of the global version of this game and easily joined the game’s server. However, this could only be done on Android devices but it is not possible to do this with Apple devices.

It was removed by the Google Play Store and Apple App Store only after the Indian government banned the game. But the APK download link of this game is available for Android users on PUBG Mobile’s global website, which players in India are playing by downloading and playing on their smartphones using Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, this is extremely dangerous to do because to play it on an Android smartphone, you have to give your smartphone access to a third-party app.

This is jugaad

Players are downloading the free VPN app on their smartphones. Hundreds of such VPN apps are available on the Google Play Store, which players download to their smartphones.

After downloading the VPN app, players select a region other than India. By doing this, the smartphone connects to another country’s network.

-Then players go to PUBG Mobile Global’s website via Google Chrome and download the APK for this game.

-The size of this APK file is 624MB. After the download starts, the players turn off the VPN server so that the download speed can increase. After downloading the file, players are installing the game and playing it.

Players can access all their old states after logging into the game through their social media account.

BGR India also tried to play this game on an Android smartphone by following these steps. After the game was downloaded, 1.2 updates of PUBG Mobile became available which after downloading accessed the multiplayer of PUBG Mobile. After joining this game we found that many more Indian players are playing PUBG Mobile.

This jugaad is very dangerous

The way players are downloading and playing this game using a VPN server is not correct because this game is banned in India. Downloading the game using a VPN server is dangerous and is also a violation of the IT Act of the Government of India. Because of which you may also face legal action. On the other hand, your personal information may be insecure. In such a situation, our advice is that you do not make such a mistake. You may have to bear a huge loss with this.