Waiting for the fans of PUBG is increasing continuously. The mystery about the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India remains intact. Every day many updates are coming out about the launch of PUBG, although there has been no discussion from the government so far. There has been no formal interaction between PUBG / Krafton and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) yet to relaunch PUBG Mobile in India. However, the company is constantly trying to contact Sarakas.

According to the media report, ‘In an RTI, when it was asked for clarity about the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India, the reply was received that no official meeting has been held about it yet. Gem Wire had filed an RTI asking the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology about the return of PUBG Mobile to India, to which they got the answer that there is no discussion about it yet between PUBG / Krafton and government officials.

In fact, the Government of India Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had also banned PUBG in India with 117 Chinese apps in September. Since then, developers have been trying to launch it again in India. A happy occasion came for PUBG fans in November when PUBG Corporation talked about launching the game again in India. The company had announced that the game was launched in India under the name of PUBG Mobile India.

At the same time, some reports have also said that PUBG Corporation is planning to continuously contact the Government of India to release PUBG Mobile India in March. However, so far no confirmed report has been received from any officer. Recent updates reveal that PUBG Mobile has added more members to its team in India and the company is leaving no stone unturned to return to India. Some reports have also said that the release of PUBG Mobile India can be done in the country in a few weeks.

Will PUBG launch in India in March?

PUBG Corporation has not yet confirmed the release date of PUBG Mobile India, but it is expected in a few weeks. Probably by early February. At the same time, if some reports are to be believed, then the new version of PUBG India can be launched in India in March.