The launch of PUBG Mobile India has ballasts one after the other. Just a few days ago, in response to two RTI, MeitY had informed about no permission to PUBG in India and now a new report has come out, which shows that the upcoming PUBG Mobile India in India since March. The chances of launching earlier are extremely low. After being banned in India, PUBG Corporation withdrew all rights to PUBG Mobile from Tencent Games and announced PUBG Mobile India exclusive to India with local changes. However, since the release of the teaser, there have been many controversies regarding the launch of the game.

PUBG Mobile India will not be launched in India before March next year. A game company official gave this information in a statement to InsideSport. The official says (translated) “Every effort was made by PUBG properly, but the situation became such that no progress was being made in this matter.” We do not expect PUBG Mobile India to return to India for the next few months (at least before March 2021). It is unfortunate but everyone has to accept this truth.”

Let us know that last week it was revealed that PUBG Mobile India was not allowed to launch by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). This decision was pronounced by the Ministry in response to two separate RTI applications. Last month, PUBG Corporation announced the early release of the PubG Mobile India game, developed specifically for India. The South Korean company also promised an investment of $ 100 million (about Rs 734 crore) in the country in September to revive the government-banned mobile Battle Royale game in India.

After PUBG Mobile was banned in September, PUBG Corporation withdrew all rights to the game from the game company Tencent Games, which is handling the mobile version, and registered a new company in India called PUBG Mobile India. Teasers were also shared with the game’s announcement after that, but due to the government’s strict policies, the launch of the game still does not seem to be reducing.