For the past several months, video game lovers have been eagerly waiting for PUBG to return. Recently, KRAFTON had raised hope among the game lovers by referring to the re-launch of its PUBG in India. But now the real picture about PUBG Mobile India Relaunch has come out. In the information sought under Right to Information, the government told the real thing.

Pubg Not Allowed To Relaunch

In response to the RTI, the central government has made it clear that PUBG has never been allowed to relaunch in India. According to our partner website, no proposal has been allowed to relaunch PUBG in India.

No App Will Get A Separate Concession

According to the information received, the central government has made it clear that the central government has imposed a complete ban on 118 Chinese apps. In such a situation, it is not possible to give a separate concession to any app or change the rules. The government has also made it clear that there is no question of the Relaunch of PUBG Mobile India.

Let us tell you that just a few days before Diwali, PUBG announced from its official Facebook page (Official PUBG Facebook Page) that PUBG Mobile India will soon be relaunch in the country. For this, a special PUBG Mobile India website was also launched in India. Also, the company had also created an official page of PUBG Mobile India on Facebook. Some time ago PUBG Mobile India has also registered as a local company in India.