WhatsApp is constantly changing its privacy policy. Earlier, the company had given the deadline of February 8 for all users. It was said that if users do not follow the company’s policy, then they can leave the platform. But yesterday, in a new statement, WhatsApp has increased the deadline of February 8 to May 15 after severe criticism by users. In such a situation, once again this morning, WhatsApp has tried to explain its privacy policy in 4 steps in the status update section of smartphone users.

After the announcement of the privacy policy, users are constantly shifting to apps like Telegram and Signal. In such a situation, the company is losing a lot. But now WhatsApp says that there is still confusion in the minds of users about the privacy policy, and we want to give more time to overcome it. So let us know what information WhatsApp has given about the privacy policy in 4 steps.

  • WhatsApp told in the first step that we are committed to your privacy.
  • In the second step, the company said that we cannot read your personal messages and they are end-to-end encrypted.
  • In the fourth and last step, WhatsApp has said not to share contacts with Facebook.

Time Until 15 May

WhatsApp said in its blog post, ‘We are hearing that a lot of confusion has arisen regarding our latest updates. This update does not extend our ability to share data with Facebook. While clarifying earlier, WhatsApp had said, “We cannot see your private messages or listen to your calls and neither can Facebook.”

On the other hand, the company tweeted yesterday that, we want users to have the full time to read and understand the new conditions. We are trying to clear all kinds of dilemmas and rumors about new conditions.