prevNext Add On: Here Is Everything You Need to Know (Complete Steps)


This guide sheds light on the much-discussed add-on mod in the dev community— prevNext add-on.  In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from the introduction and steps on how to use it. So if you were looking for an informative blog on prevNext, this is the right place for you. Let us not waste any more time and muster along. 

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prevNext Add On: Here Is Everything You Need to Know (How-to Guide)

prevNext is an add-on from MODX aimed at easing out the posts section for easy navigation to the customers or clients who land up on the website you made. This prevNext add-on is for developers, as a module which would cue them the stake of organizing and linking each post or column displaying a particular product or service. 

prevnext add on

What Does prevNext Do?

prevNext makes it easy for the developer to integrate within the code, a call that could relate to most everything about the navigation of posts. To explain it in detail, let’s assume that we have to make a website for selling items. Now within the site, there would be many pages, many posts, many items, and many services, too, whatsoever. Now one way to include all this in the website is to provide links to each subpage within the main pages. Or, you could divide up the content into categories and make a separate page, which the user can get onto only if they click on the menu and find the option. But this way would take a lot of time to code, and especially the code has to be copied everywhere, which could lead to many bugs. 

Otherwise, the developer could simply make use of this add-on, named- prevNext. prevNext would take care of all the hassle and in quite an effective manner. For example, on youtube, you do not have a prev-next type of navigation. Users search for a video and do an unlimited scroll. If they want to move back to a certain video, they would have to press the back button on their device to load a different page. This could work on Youtube because it is so immense and it is popular. However, there are other websites like Amazon, and the Amazon Shopping App, which use the prevNext feature to very good use.

prevnext add on

In such a facility, the user has the freedom to leap onto any number of available groups of items, page number-wise, without loading an entire new webpage. Additionally, they could also reach back to the previously visited pages, as they are right from the first.  

Is prevNext Important?

Well, prevNext as a utility is not a vital thing to make use of if you are willing to code an entire script just for navigation. However, many big websites have an open-source where you might find a similar code that could structure the call. Most of the time, these codes and calls are just an alternate version to the prevNext, but not as an add-on. 

prevnext add on

Using prevNext while developing takes away most of the pain of organizing, and it is just a more productive way to develop any website. We take it under consideration a lot of things while considering the user experience because, at the end of the day, everything is all about psychology. 

prev next add on

When your page shows a lot too many links all around the page, it definitely starts to look very clutter-ish. Nobody likes to force their way out of a clumsy webpage. If you are selling products, you must give your customers the flexibility of reaching their options in a systematic way. In a way that is easy and quick. Users should be able to get further away or yet back to the last options they get to see on the webpage. As a matter of fact, this is one way to acquire more sales. This has all become very important to enhance the user experience of the online service, which cannot be ignored. 

How To Use prevNext In My Code? (prevNext for Developers)

Using prevNext to integrate the module in your code is straightforward. The minimum requirement for anyone to be able to download/install the prevNext mod is- MODX2.2 or above. Follow these steps. 

  • Download the prevNext add-on from the link mentioned below. 
  • Unzip the zip folder which appears.
  • Also, enable the prevNext module.
  • In case you have content types, you could configure them via “admin/config/user-interface/prev next” for the links. 
  • Once you have decided on the nodes, you can click on the ‘Manage Display’ of those nodes to get ‘extra fields’ with the ‘tpl.’
  • You can also head on to this link to learn more. 

Which Database Does prevNext Supports?

prevNext is supported on the MySQL database. 

Basic prevNext Syntax to Call All The Functions

[[!prevNext? &parents=’345′ &includeTvs=’1′ &includeTVList=’TV1,TV2′ &nextPrefix=’Go to Next page’ &prevprefix=’Go to prev page’ &processTVs=’1′ &processTVsList=’img-tv-list,imag-date-list’]]

prev next add on

Is prev Next Free? 

Yes, since it is developed as an open-source mod by MODX for providing navigation ease for developers in the code. It is developed by Goldsky. Also, prev Next is licensed as GPLv3, which indicates that the general public can also accommodate this in their work. 

prev next add on modx

Where To Download prev Next Add-On?

You can simply get it from GitHub or website. Although you can also click on this link to download prevNext for free. Its download size is even less than a megabyte. 

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Closure | prevNext Add On 

In this article, we talked about all the necessary information related to prevNext Add On. This utility is among one of the first choices in the minds of developers. prev Next is also used by many big names of the likes of Disney Plus, Amazon, Hotstar, Alibaba, etc. There are many other add-ons for many different purposes relating to various interests. If you come across any such and want to get our insight on it, you can mention it in the comment section below. We strive to serve the information to our readers in the easiest manner so as to make it widely and easily understandable. If you still feel stuck, you can post your queries, and we will be happy to help.