Pokemon Go Joystick iOS Hack | Tested & Working Hack (2021)


Pokemon go came out with a bang; it almost felt like the dormant pokemon lover rose from their graves. The game took over the internet and became the talk of the year in no time, wherever you looked there was a mention of pokemon go. No matter how fun it was to play pokemon go the craze died out. Nobody liked walking for that long to catch a pokemon. But don’t worry we have a hack for you that can help you catch a pokemon from the comfort of your couch. In this article, we will tell you about the pokemon go joystick ios tool.  

Pokemon Go Joystick iOS Hack

The craze for pokemon has been across generations and rightfully so. Pokemon was the absolute favorite anime for most of us through our childhood. We wanted to be like Ash, we all aspired to be pokemon hunters but as we grew reality hit us. Yes, we know childhood was amazing with nothing to worry, and reality was an alien concept. We could wait under the Christmas tree for Santa to show up. 

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Pokemon Go Joystick Ios Tool | 100% Working Pokemon Go Hack

We all have experienced that whenever something new comes out, sensationalism takes over us. All we want to do is experience it first hand, we don’t think rationally just because we want to be a part of the trend. 

Something like this happened with Pokemon Go as well, the idea of walking to catch pokemon in real-time was very appealing to the fans. Stay in shape while playing a game that they love, what can go wrong? Well turns out plenty, after traveling extensive distances to catch the desired pokemon fans realized that being a pokemon hunter is not that simple as it seems. 

The laziness kicked in and soon came the downfall of Pokemon Go. The number of active users has surely decreased but there are still plenty of active players out there. You might think “Dedication” right? Well, what if we tell you they are probably using a hack. 

Pokemon Go joystick iOS

With a tool called pokemon go joystick ios, you can play pokemon go and catch pokemon all while sitting on your couch. Want to learn how? Well then stay tuned.

Why Do People Use The Pokemon Go Joystick Hack?

Well, the reason is quite obvious, the craze for traveling to catch pokemon was short-lived just like the motivation to workout after a new year resolution. Players soon realized how tiring this process was and started to give up, after all, it is just a game. 

Pokemon Go Hack

Nobody liked walking for long hours to catch a virtual pokemon, the efforts weren’t balanced with the reward. People soon realized that and the craze of Pokemon Go started to die out. However, there are some ways through which you can fool the app and catch pokemon while staying still. The internet is a place where you can find almost anything you want, all you have to do is get typing. Enough chit-chat let us tell you about this amazing hack. 

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What Is Pokemon Go Joystick Hack And How It Works?

So the hack is called the pokemon go joystick hack. The hack enables you to move around the Pokemon Go map without actually moving from your comfort zone. This hack will help you manipulate your GPS location, which helps you move around in the Pokemon Go world. 

There are several ways you can activate this hack, we have explained each one in detail. Do keep in mind this hack has its risks that we will tell you about, so before trying this don’t just think of the reward think of the risks as well. 

There are certain precautions you will have to take in order to minimize the risk while using the hack. Don’t worry we have shared each and everything necessary to keep you safe while using this hack. Just make sure you go through the instruction carefully before executing them. 

Risks Of Using Pokemon Go Joystick iOS

Now there are certain risks involved with using this hack, as it turns out this is something that a lot of people do. Using this hack gives an unfair advantage to the users over other players. Due to this, the company Niantic had to take some steps to stop the location hack users. They have recently released new penalties for players who use a third-party app to manipulate the location in the app. 

We have listed the penalties down below, make sure you read them carefully. 

  • 7 Days Shadowban: This penalty is called shadowban because it does not stop you from playing the game completely. During these 7 days, you won’t be able to catch any rare pokemon. However, you can catch other pokemon as usual.
  • 30 days temporary Ban: If the app detects you manipulating your location again after the 7 days shadowban, you will be penalized with a 30-day temporary ban. You can’t play during these 30 days. This is the second warning to the player.
  • Account Blocked: After the 30-day ban, if you still use the hack and end up getting caught, your account will be permanently banned. There is no way out of this penalty as you were given two prior warnings. 

These were the penalties introduced by Niantic to stop players from hacking. Now that you are aware of the risks you can make a more informed decision. But don’t worry we are going to reduce the chances of you getting caught as much as we can. 

How To Use The Pokemon Go Joystick Hack? | Step By Step Guide 

Now that you know about the risks involved in using this hack we can tell you about how to start using it. We will tell you about how you can get this hack on your iOS devices. 

Make sure you are careful while using the hack as it will be of no use if you can’t even use the hack. The game is pretty good at detecting third-party apps but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cheated. Just stay under the radar and you will be alright. 

Pokemon Go Joystick Ios | Step By Step Guide 

Apple does not make it easy to manipulate your location, it’s almost impossible. Jailbreaking is a time taking and complex process and is not for everyone. However, this hack does not require any jailbreaking and can be used just by installing a third-party app. 

The app is called Dr.Fone – Virtual Location and it enables you to manipulate your location as you wish. This app does not require jailbreaking and is easy to use, all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps.

Dr.Fone Location hack  

  • Download Dr.Fone on your PC and install it 
  • After downloading the app connect your iPhone with the app and click “Get Started”

Pokemon Go location hack

  • You will see a world map on the home page, you will have to pick your desired fake location. Just go to the search bar and type out the name of the location.

Fake location hack

  • After that the map will be placed on your desired fake location, you can use the joystick on the bottom left to adjust the location as per your requirements. 

You can also use the joystick manually instead of using the search or you can use W, A, S, and D/ The arrow keys to move around the map at your will. 

Now when you change your location, open the Pokemon Go app and these location changes will reflect inside the app. Quite like magic, isn’t it?

We have told you how to use this hack, but make sure you stay under the radar if you don’t want to lose your account. Make sure you don’t move a lot of distance at once as it will raise red flags and it might earn you a penalty. Be smart while using this so that you can reap the benefits for a prolonged period. 

How To Prevent Getting A Penalty? 

If you want to use the Pokemon go joystick hack for a prolonged period then there are certain things that you will have to take care of. Make sure you adhere to them as they will for sure reduce the chances of you getting caught. 

Make sure you read the precautions carefully and understand the logic behind them as you will remember them better if you understand them.

  • Do not change locations quickly, stay with a chosen location for a while. Jumping from one location to another will raise red flags. The game might not detect the third-party app but it knows what’s humanly possible and what’s not. 
  • Be extra careful with the joystick, we know it’s very tempting to just move the joystick and drift to your desired spot but you have to realize that the app still thinks you are physically moving. Moving quickly with the joystick might earn you a ban. 
  • Do Not login from dual accounts on the same device, if the app detects a sudden change in location within seconds, you will for sure end up with a ban. 

Keep these things in mind while using the hack and you will be alright. It’s a very handy hack and will get you a lot of pokemon. However, you have to be patient in order to reap the most rewards. 

Closure | Pokemon GO Joystick iOS Hack

Pokemon Go might have been the most hyped VR game of the decade but the craze was short-lived. People prefer staying on their couches and enjoy the game of their choice, moving to play a game is not for everyone. Therefore we have told you about the Pokemon Go joystick Ios hack in this article. 

Use this hack to catch rare pokemon without moving out of your couch. If you liked the article and tried the hack, tell us about your experience down below. If you think we missed something feel free to write to us.