Social curation platforms are rising for consumers, developers, and investors alike. The growth of TikTok is a perfect example of how consumers are open to new engaging platforms where they can effectively communicate with their friends, family, and followers.

However, building a social curation platform is a monumental task. The competition is fierce, the market is difficult to invade, and there’s a lack of easy-to-use resources that help developers build better platforms faster.

Platform Phoenix promises to help investors and developers build and launch astonishing social curation platforms easily.

But does it live up to that promise? Let’s find out in our Platform Phoenix company review.

First things first, what is Platform Phoenix?

Platform Phoenix is a company that helps individuals build and launch social curation platforms.

It offers benefits to investors and developers alike. The platforms are built to invade the saturated market with maximum chances of success while also providing tools for developers to update and upgrade the systems they build.

It’s important to note that launching a new social curation platform requires an immense amount of R&D beforehand. As said earlier, the market is quite saturated with various bigger names, and a half-baked strategy won’t ever be able to infiltrate such a market.

However, Platform Phoenix does its homework before it even starts building a platform for a client.

Each platform is backed by a solid base that maximizes the chances of it being a success story in the years to come.

What Platform Phoenix offers to developers 

Platform Phoenix has various compelling selling points for investors and developers alike.

Below-mentioned is the top perks we’ve found for developers offered by Platform Phoenix.

1. Ability to make each platform unique 

Making each platform unique visually is a tough feat for developers. Plus, not having enough unique flavor in each platform is a deal breaker.

The solution offered by Platform Phoenix is semantic HTML code.

With that, changing the look of each platform is easier than ever. Furthermore, performance, i.e., the loading times, is drastically improved. Other benefits, like smoother site updates and better SEO, are also offered.

2. Modularity at its peak 

Modular development techniques are being adopted by developers worldwide these days — and for good reasons. Modular systems are easier to curate, diagnose, and upgrade. Furthermore, they allow for drastically more customization than what non-modular development offers.

Platform Phoenix offers a modular development approach to its developers, allowing them to build platforms that are more future-proof and better optimized for today’s competitive market.

3. Modern framework 

Platform Phoenix supports the Yii PHP framework, which is something widely honored by worldwide developers these days.

Yii is fast, secure, and most of all, efficient — the most important qualities needed for a modern social curation platform. The component-based, object-oriented infrastructure of Yii allows developers to build projects that are easier to read and seamless to upgrade.

4. Market-leading upgradability 

The development industry is ever-changing; new technologies come up every few years. It’s hard for developers to keep up and integrate new technologies as they appear.

The biggest boon is how the entire system must be changed when a new tech is integrated.

However, Platform Phoenix uses a multilayered architecture that allows developers to alter a piece of the project and replace it with new technology without making any changes to the overall system.

5.  Latest industrial solutions 

Platform Phoenix offers developers to use the latest and greatest industrial solutions in the market right now. These solutions ensure the projects developed at Platform Phoenix are efficient and ready to enter the competitive market.

These solutions include Hadoop, Apache Lucene, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MogileFS, and many more.

Scalable at short notice 

If a social curation platform catches the public’s attention, it tends to blow up at enormous rates. Such a leap in popularity drives in a lot more traffic than initially anticipated.

Hence, a platform that’s being developed for success must be built to handle a growing user base effectively.

Platform Phoenix offers horizontal and vertical flexibility. When a system needs an upgrade, there’s no need for elongated downtimes caused by lengthy hardware upgrades.

The bottom line

According to our time with Platform Phoenix, it’s indeed a solid organization for investors and developers to kickstart their journey in the social curation space. It offers a slew of benefits to both of them alike.