Japanese anime series Noragami may return for a season 3 on Funimation.

The anime series is adapted by Bones from a Japanese manga series of the same name by Adachitoka which was serialized in Monthly Shōnen Magazine in December 2010. The show first aired in January 2014 and its second season aired in October 2015. The second season was named Noragami Aragoto. 

The show has proven its worth as being one of the most-watched anime series along with the novel being the 14th top selling manga series in Japan in 2014. Season 3 of the show is highly awaited.

Release Date

The release date for Noragami season 3 is currently difficult to predict due to two reasons.

One is that season 2 of the show did not receive much of an audience appreciation as season one received. Also, 6 years have lapsed since the first release of anime, therefore season 3 of the show seems highly unlikely.

What Is The Anime All About?

The story revolves around death and the afterlife and how a minor god tries to find his fame and followers within humanity.

Yato is a God without any followers and shrines and he tries to solve humanity’s problems for 5 yen. His life takes a toss when he meets Hiyori Iki a young school student. She loses her life in a bus crash to save Yato from getting hit, but her soul keeps going back and forth from her body and she wishes to fix this problem with the help of Yato.

Hiyori Iki realizes that there are two realms namely the Near Shore where human souls linger and the Far Shore where demons reside. She dies because of Yato’s mistake and now she wants him to fix her body again.

However, Yato’s aim is to find followers and a shrine. The story further explores how Hiyori Iki helps him to do so.


The show features the following voice artists:

  • Bryn Apprill as Hiyori Iki
  • Jason Liebrecht as Yato
  • Alexis Tipton as Kofuku
  • Elizabeth Maxwell as Bishamon
  • Eric Vale as Kazuma
  • Ian Sinclair as Daikoku
  • Lauren Landa as Nora
  • Micah Solusod as Yukine
  • Apphia Yu as Ayu
  • Austin Tindle as Manabu
  • Brina Palencia as Hinaha

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