No Add Friend Button On Facebook | How to Get/Disable?


Facebook is one of the oldest social media sites that we all came across. I still remember,  there was a time people used to have thousands of friends on Facebook just to look cool. Over time the popularity of Facebook has been declined. One of the major reasons for this was privacy issues people had, but as of now, Facebook has made a lot of changes in terms of privacy settings and functionalities. One major issue a lot of users are facing is the no add friend button on Facebook. 

No Add Friend Button On Facebook

Now you may be wondering what these reasons could be and how can you fix them, is it a bug or a feature; we have listed below all the possible reasons and their fix, So go check them out.

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No Add Friend Button on Facebook | 2021 Guide

Facebook is an open platform where you can add up to 5000 people to your friend list, but this feature is often misused by spammers. We all have come across this problem where the “Add Friend” button is missing from someone’s profile on Facebook and this can also be irritating when you know someone and still can’t add them. Many users must have tried to contact Facebook support because they thought it’s just a bug, but I should tell you this; it’s not.

So here we are with another detailed explanation which might give an answer to all your problems.

Possible Reasons & Fixes | “Add Friend” Button Not Showing on Facebook

The major reason for not showing the “Add Friend” button on Facebook is the update in Facebook’s privacy settings which gave users the option to select who can send them a friend request. There are several other reasons also which cause this issue, we have explained below each one in detail for you.

The User Might Have Restricted Their Privacy Settings

The most common reason why you can’t find the “Add friend” button on someone’s profile is when the user has restricted their privacy settings. Facebook has introduced this feature where a person can limit who can send them a friend request. It gives users to set their friend requests to “Everyone” and “Friends of Friends”.

The User Might Have Restricted Their Privacy Settings

So basically when it’s set to “Everyone” anyone can send you a friend request and it’s enabled by default but if you change it to “Friends of Friends” only people who are friends with one of your Facebook friends can send you a request.

Well, there is no fix to this problem as it is not a bug but you can simply text the person you want to add to send you a friend request or be friends with a mutual friend.

Here’s how you can change your privacy setting to “Friends of Friends”:

  1. Go to the menu.
  2. Click on “settings” then select “Settings and Privacy”.
  3. Go to “Privacy settings”.
  4. Now change “who can send you friend request” to “Friends of Friends”.

Now the “Add friend” button will disappear from your profile and only mutual friends can send you a request.

They Have Reached Their Friend Limit

Facebook has put a limit to how many friends a user can have to avoid spammers, the limit is set to 5000 friends. So if a person has reached this limit the “Add friend” button from their profile will disappear and you won’t be able to send them a friend request. Even if you text the person to add you they will not be able to send requests to anyone unless they remove some of their friends.

The Person Denied Your Friend Request

If you sent a request to someone on Facebook earlier and they denied it, Facebook imposes a “Cool Down” period of 3 or 4 days usually. When your request is denied you will see the “Add friend” button will be greyed out until the “Cool Down” period ends. 

The Person Denied Your Friend Request

You will be able to send that person a request again after the “Cool Down” period is over, but if they again reject your friend request the “Cool Down” period will increase to more than 3 or 4 days.

Usually, people reject friend requests or don’t respond to them but if they mark you as spam you will not be able to send them a request for 1 Year. So make sure you know the person before sending them a friend request.

Facebook Blocked You From Sending Friend Requests

When you send too many friend requests, Facebook might find you suspicious and temporarily disable this feature from your profile or even give you a temporary ban for a few hours or days.

This problem usually happens when a user is sending friend requests frequently and most of the people deny it. Facebook introduced this feature to prevent spam accounts and maintain user privacy. So make sure you’re not temporarily banned from Facebook before sending someone a friend request.

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The Account is Deactivated

If someone has deactivated their Facebook account then no one will be able to send them a friend request. When a user deactivates their account their profile becomes blank but Facebook gives them the option to use “Messenger” and still send and receive messages.

The account will appear blank until the person will again log in to their account. However, you can still message them and let them know you’re waiting for them to reactivate their account. 

You Have Been Blocked

Facebook gives users the option to restrict anyone from viewing their profile, photos, send them a request by blocking them. If you have been blocked by someone you won’t be able to see their profile picture and even their likes and comments. 

You Have Been Blocked

So if the “Add friend” button is disappeared and you want to check whether you’re blocked or not try sending them a text, if it doesn’t get delivered then you are most probably blocked.

Closure | No Add Friend Button On Facebook

With the inclusion of new privacy features Facebook has become safer than ever. Many users reported this issue to Facebook support but I have already told you above that it’s not a bug but a feature that Facebook uses to protect user privacy. We hope that this article answered all your queries, make sure you read them all do leave a comment.