Netflix Site Error | 1 Solutiong to FIX & Prevent Netflix Site Error


If you are reading this post, then you are probably facing Netflix Site Error, and we are here to help you solve it and share what measures to follow to prevent such errors. Netflix is no doubt, the fastest growing streaming platform that provides users with fantastic movies, shows & documentaries. 


Netflix is subjected to the biggest online subscription-based video streaming service. But managing such an enormous database of viewers is no easy, and hence, users sometimes face site errors. 

In this blog post, I will be comprehensively discussing the Netflix Site Error and help you all to resolve it by yourself. Let us not waste anymore of our precious time in the introduction and move further to the main subject— Netflix Site Error. 

Netflix Site Error | An Absolute FIX

If you tried turning into your favorite Netflix show/movie but couldn’t because of a site error, then you are at the perfect webpage. 

My mate Sameer (a dog :p) witnessed this Netflix site error and was perplexed because he couldn’t do anything except contacting the support. Netflix’s support was not much help and asked to wait for a day as they always do (I am sorry Netflix). 

We were unable to process your request

Finally, the irritated Sameer told me about the error; then, I started digging the internet for a solution, and today, I have explained everything you need to know about the Netflix Site Error. Almost all the sites use cookies to enhance their site speed and improve the user experience, and so does Netflix, and these errors sometimes are solved just by clearing the cache & cookies.

Why Did I Face the Netflix Site Error?

As mentioned earlier, all the websites you visit use cookies to enhance the site speed. For instance, your browser downloads the base page of the URL, and that reflects in boosting up the page load time.

netflix site error

Netflix is super secure, and hence, it won’t load if you recently visited a harmful webpage or downloaded any virus on your device. Besides, your browser might be infected with some sort of bug or malware, and hence, Netflix temporarily blocked you from accessing it, and you faced:

Netflix Site Error

We were unable to process your request.

Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.

You cleaned up the cookies & cache of my browser, but it is still not gone? Blog Of Gadgets received so many mail requests asking for a better solution then clearing cookies as it was not helping them to bypass the Netflix Site Error.

It is because your browser or device is probably infected on the whole, and hence, you will require to do other measures to start streaming Netflix. Without adding anymore BS, let’s move on to the main subject— Methods to FIX this Netflix Error.

FIX – Netflix Site Error

Netflix officially posted about the query, but like their pricing plan, it was not clear to most of the users. So we decided to precisely cover the whole topic by sharing the possible measures to do while facing the Netflix Site Error. 

To make it easy for you people to understand, I have merged the whole process into parts/steps.


Don’t abuse me in the comment section, but restarting the application helped many people (Source Reddit). If you are watching on a smartphone, then shut off the application and clear data and then login again with the same account. 

netflix clear data

For the people on browsers, you might have already tried closing the tab and opening Netflix in another tab, BUT you need to RESTART the system and try again. I hope these basic measures will help you gain access, but if it does not— we got more archers, shoot the next one.

Switch Device/Browser

The fastest way to fix the error is to switch devices temporarily and watch your favorite show without any hassle. You might also try shifting to another browser; for instance, if you are on Chrome, then switch to Firefox/Opera. 

About 50-60% of the people facing the Netflix Site Error bypassed the error by switching to another device. I know that is certainly not a solution, and hence, I have shared other reliable & effective steps that are nowhere on the internet.

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Clear Cookies

The most common answer to any browser issue by any web support team is “Try Clear Browser Cookies.” Cookies are the basic signals that web servers submit to your browser whenever you hit a website or an application. 

It is widely used by geeks to enhance the speed of their website and deliver a quality experience. I have already explained how cookies are the sole reason for the Netflix Site Error. 

Method 1

If you are not much into technology and stuff, then you should visit, and it will automatically clear the cookies of Netflix. 

But there are fewer chances of bypassing the site error because your browser still has cookies from other pages, and that might be the reason for the Netflix Error. 

Follow the next method that will help you clear cookies from all pages.

Method 2

Clearing browser cookies is really simple, and anyone can do it with a little experience with browsers and applications. 

Visit the settings tab of your browser then look for clear browsing data. Now, select cache & cookies and then clear the data— it will clear all the cookies in your browser. 

clear cookies

After following the above methods, restart the browser and then surf Netflix. There are negligible chances that you will face the Netflix Site Error again, but if you do, cook the next recipe.

Cleaning DNS Cache

No support or any guide has asked users to clear DNS Cache to fix this error. As said, Sameer bypassed the site error by flushing the DNS. It might be a little complicated, and hence I have precisely described everything below.

dns cache cmd

On your computer, search and open a command prompt as an administrator and then type the code (mentioned below in italics) 

ipconfig /flushdns 

Press Enter. It will clear the DNS Cache of your system, and then you can retry logging into your Netflix account.

clear dns netflix site error 


Netflix Site Error is not a big issue, and hence, you should not worry much if it doesn’t get resolved after the advised measures. According to the support team of Netflix, they restart their system every 24 hours, and that probably will resolve the issue. 

I have mentioned all the satisfactory solutions that are practiced by genuine users, and they got the Netflix Site Error resolved.

Got any suggestions to enhance this article? Drop your comments and help other visitors. Do not forget to share this piece of useful information with your mates and help them resolve the issue— Netflix Site Error. We were unable to process your request